Gospel of travelers: 120W Gan multi port charger "small size, huge power"

For friends who like to travel, mobile devices such as mobile phones, cameras and laptops have become a must-have "three piece set". But with the increase is the charging head, charging line these are very troublesome, but also have to bring items. To this end, many manufacturers have launched a lightweight portable multi port charger that supports charging the same device at the same time. Among them, the most popular is the world's first 120W multi port Gan charger released by Beisi in February this year, which once again led the trend of the industry.

As one of the leading chargers in China, Beisi is quite accomplished in designing chargers. This 120W multi port gallium nitride charger continues the iconic design concept of Beisi family, and adopts a simple and slender body. Compared with the 65W charger launched last year, the volume of 120W multi port gallium nitride charger is slightly increased, and its circumference is 94.8 * 54.8 * 29.6mm. The fuselage adopts matte texture, and the shell is welded by ultrasonic through the bottom cover, which makes it very comfortable to start. Moreover, it adopts pin design, which is very convenient for people who like to travel.

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In addition to its lightweight body, this Bess 120W Gan multi port charger has many advantages, such as three charging interfaces and support for a variety of charging protocols. Its three interfaces are two type-C and one usb-a. Users can use either one interface alone or two interfaces at the same time. When only one type-C interface is used, the maximum output power of the charger is 100W. When only one usb-a interface is used, the maximum output power is 30W. When two type-C interfaces are used at the same time, the maximum output power is 60W + 60W. It can be seen that the advantages of Beisi 120W charger, which supports charging multiple interfaces at the same time, are very obvious. When users travel outside, they can use it to charge mobile phones and cameras at the same time, which is very convenient.

As for charging protocol, Bess 120W Gan multi port charger supports many fast charging protocols of famous brands at home and abroad, such as apple 2.4a, qc2.0, qc3.0, AFC, FCP, SCP, etc., such as apple, Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, etc. Therefore, almost all devices used by users can be charged by this Bess 120W Gan multi port charger.
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The appearance of this 120W Gan multi port charger solves many charging pain points of users excellently. It is a lightweight and portable charger with comprehensive functions. As for the price, the product has been officially launched in the domestic market. Among them, the price of 120W charger equipped with 100W charging cable package is only 249 yuan. If you are a travel enthusiast, you might as well go to tmall and other platforms to learn about this product.