Google smart glasses

The small lens of the right eye includes a micro projector and a camera. The projector is used to display data, the camera is used to capture video and images, the storage and transmission module is used to store and output data, and the control device can be controlled by voice, touch and automatic modes. The following pictures show that you can take photos through voice control, make video calls and identify directions, surf the Internet, process text messages and e-mail, and support Android mobile phones and iPhones. It can be said that it is a must-have product for future trendsetters and has huge market potential. It will drive a large number of industrial chains, and a considerable number of Listed Companies in a shares will benefit, which is similar to the previous Apple concept stocks. On Friday, connate rose its limit strongly. Connate's main business is R & D, production and sales of resin lenses, mainly engaged in traditional eyeglasses business. At present, Google glasses has no lenses, but connate's 3D glasses are in trial production, It remains to be seen whether it can become the leading stock of Google glasses concept stocks, so what else are there in a shares of Google glasses concept stocks. Connate: the company has been in the leading position in the domestic resin lens manufacturing industry. It is one of the top 100 high-tech achievements transformation enterprises in Shanghai. It has been awarded the title of national double excellent enterprise with foreign investment for many years. Its "connate" trademark has been rated as a famous trademark in Shanghai. With 120000 kinds of specifications, the company is one of the most complete resin lens manufacturers in China. From the above news, it seems that it has nothing to do with smart glasses, but trading online noticed that the company recently said on the investor interaction platform that 3D glasses company has been in the final stage of trial production and will soon be put on the market. In addition, in response to investors' plans for smart glasses, the company said that due to the rapid development of science and technology, new glasses are constantly emerging in the field of glasses, especially Google glasses, which is similar to smart glasses. For enterprises, the continuous introduction of new products, new processes and new technologies is the direction and the life of sustainable development, In this field, the company constantly pays attention to various new products, and will develop some new products in line with the characteristics of the company according to the actual conditions of the company. Crystal optoelectronics: the era of intelligent glasses is approaching. In 2009, the company established a joint venture subsidiary Jingjing optoelectronics to lay out the micro investment industry chain. At present, the project of video intelligent glasses is progressing well, and complete sets of modules have been supplied. The first mover advantage is very obvious.

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Boot: boot the boot area through the command line tool

The most common is Android's ADB command.

2. Unlock the device and clear the personal data

3. Skip the system boot area and load directly.

4. Restart Google glasses, that is, restart Android system

5. Get root permission

Google glasses has the same functions as smart phones. It can take photos, make video calls and identify directions through voice control, surf the Internet, process text messages and e-mails. It is also called wearable computer. But in mainland China, the price is about 15000 yuan. I can't afford to buy a loser like me, even if I have money.