"Good price" ¥ 35x baseus car charger pd3.0 + qc4.0 dual port car charging 30W power

Beisi does a lot of things around mobile phones, such as mobile phone charger, car charger, toughened film, power bank, charging cable, adapter, etc.

One of the most famous is the 65W Gan 3-port (2c1a) charging head, which was first produced by Aifu OEM. Later, I went directly to the market. It looks like ¥ 188, and it can reach ¥ 150 when it's cheap.

Today's recommendation is car charger, 1c1a, which supports PD fast charging. The price is only ¥ 35.

Let's look at the prices of other relatively well-known brands.
1c1a, support PD fast charge, about ¥ 128 (I bought this).
1c1a, support PD fast charge, 33W about ¥ 168, 49w about ¥ 178

Fom the above comparison, we can see that as long as the price of these two brands is 20% - 30%, and how to say, it is also a brand that has sold countless goods, and the quality itself is more reliable.

So what's the price? If you are considering the car charger, just place an order.

By the way, if Apple wants to use PD fast charging, remember to match it with a fast charging line. If it's not a car puller, you can consider Xiaomi. Occasionally, it costs more than 30 yuan

If you want to buy a car line, you can try Jingdong jingzao. It often costs ¥ 55. When you encounter it, it's not bad with a 20% discount for two pieces and a 95% discount for plus.