Glory X10 original is 3A data cable, now want to buy 5A data cable, damage to the mobile phone?

As I said upstairs, 5A wire means that the maximum through current is 5A. The impact on the mobile phone depends on the power of the charger. The wire is just a channel. For example, if the data cable is the road and the mobile phone is the parking lot, the power provided by the charger is the traffic flow. Whether the road is wide or not is a factor. When the traffic flow is large, the parking lot will be congested and scraped. That is caused by the traffic flow and has nothing to do with the road.


In addition, the premise of improving the charging power of mobile phone charging is that the fast charging protocol of charger and mobile phone can shake hands. If both sides do not match, they can only charge with 2A = 5V power. After matching, they can charge with higher power.

Glory X10, I checked the parameters, maximum support 22.5w power fast charging, using Huawei's FCP fast charging protocol.

After looking for the charging test of glory X10, it can be seen from the figure that the power is basically about 20W, FCP uses high voltage to improve the charging efficiency, and the current is stable at about 2.2A.

In other words, the 3A data cable or 5A data cable used, in fact, the charging rate of glory X10 itself can not reach the peak value of the wire, and the effect of changing from 3a to 5A line is basically no (because of the material problem, there may be a slight improvement).