Gallium nitride charger is so powerful, why doesn't apple have it? It is because of this

In recent years, the rapid development of fast charging, from the traditional 5W to now 65W, the power of charging head is increasing, correspondingly, the size is also growing. Gallium nitride chargers appear when people think there is no solution to the volume problem.

In short, Gan chargers combine these advantages:

Small size and light weight. Gan is the fastest power switching device in the world. High switching frequency can reduce the volume of transformer and capacitor, thus reducing the volume and weight of charging head. As a result, Gan chargers are smaller and lighter than ordinary chargers.

High power, good heat dissipation. Gallium nitride material has high temperature resistance and thermal conductivity, so it can withstand higher voltage when charging, and reduce the heating condition at the same time.

Based on these advantages, Gan chargers are much smaller at the same power than those we use in daily use, and can achieve greater power at the same volume.

It is because of this, Gan charger can not only charge our mobile phones quickly, but also charge notebook and other electronic devices efficiently. For those who travel frequently, Gan charger can replace multiple chargers, which brings convenience. At the same time, because of the high charging efficiency, the charging time has also saved a lot.

This year, many famous manufacturers have launched 65W Gan chargers, while Apple has been slow to move. It should be known that Apple has been more radical in many functional technologies, especially on MacBook, which has been equipped with lightning 3 interface, butterfly keyboard and so on, but MacBook still has a brick charger of the same size.

From the perspective of user experience, gallium nitride is smaller and convenient, and the price of iPhone and MacBook can be fully supported. Why not arrange for it with such strong supply chain integration capability as apple?

The reason is simple, and the cost is the key.

First look at the development history of mobile charger: Android fast charging experienced from 10W to 18W, and then to the 40W fast charging record for a long time. The iPhone has always been the same formula. IPhone 6 plus started to support 5v2a fast charging, but the standard charger is 5v1a; iPhone 8 starts to support 18W PD fast charging, and the standard charger is 5v1a; until the release of the iPhone 11 series, it finally matches the 18W fast charging standard for the models above iPhone 11 pro.

For many, the cost gap between a fast charging head and the iPhone's profits is not low. But think about it carefully, iPhone is shipped in tens of millions, cost is higher than one yuan, and the profit is tens of millions.

In addition, although Gan chargers have many advantages over silicon based chargers, the higher cost is not in single digits. MacBook is also shipping volume, estimated by the cost difference of each charger, the profit is also up to billion. The difference in profit is very intuitive, which may be the main reason why Apple does not match GA chargers as standard. If you want to use a GaN charger, you can buy a third party separately. At present, with the increase of market demand and capacity growth, the price of Gan charger has been personal. For example, the Gan charger launched by green alliance recently only needs 99 yuan for pre-sale. It can be charged quickly for iPhone and MacBook with the corresponding charging line.

The reason why Gan charger is so powerful is because of its core material gallium nitride. It is the most promising third generation semiconductor material in the present and future. It has the characteristics of large band gap width, high thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, acid alkali resistance and so on. These characteristics bring many technical breakthroughs to charger. Are you using a GaN charger? How about the experience?