From the perspective of "data cable killer", high quality apple data cable recommendation

As Apple users, the biggest problem is often broken data cable. I believe many friends who use iPhone have changed more than one data cable (I've changed two anyway). The original data cable is broken somehow. And the original one is too expensive to afford. So the third-party data cable has become our main choice, but there are too many products on the market. What are the high-quality apple data cables?



Beisi's metal caffler series data cable is a good one for me at present. By the way, this one not only has Apple's, but also has type-C!

It adapts to the full range of Apple 8-12 fast charging, downward compatible with pd18w, full temperature fast charging, can take care of the mobile phone battery, charging while playing is relatively safe, the speed is completely enough for our daily use. In addition, I would also like to mention its quality problems, zinc alloy integrated molding, plus UV oil plating, smooth and precise, anti-oxidation does not fade; weaving body, wire overall workmanship is good, clean and tidy, no obvious burr phenomenon. It's very solid. It seems that it can take a long time.



Finally, I hope you can take good care of your original data cable. After all, the performance of the original data cable must be the best. Pay attention to the normal use, which can make the data cable service longer.