From scratch, integrated rotating data line lights up the fire of traditional data line factory

From scratch, integrated rotating data cable lights up the fire of traditional data cable factory

From scratch, from creative conception to innovative design, mapow digital peripheral accessories brand products can be said to be a new transformation.

Speaking of the brand mapow, it can be said that it is a joy in hardship. At present, it is the product label that "e-commerce city network" focuses on building, and it is also the creative product brand of its in-depth cooperation.

At the beginning of October 2020, mapow brand has carried out all-round upgrading and transformation of its 3 in 1 magnetic suction rotary data cable, integrated rotary led data cable and other related products. Based on the principle of quality assurance and customer first, mapow has realized the service tenet of optimizing and innovating the product structure, technology, safety, reliability and stability, and improving the quality without increasing the price.

The integrated rotary led mobile data cable was officially put on the market before the double 11 in 2020. The experience from scratch brought together the design connotation and innovative concept of mapow brand, and also ignited a prairie fire for the traditional data cable factory, which once changed the single and fixed mode of the traditional data cable for many years. There are only 30 double 11 customers who have accepted orders, and the sales volume exceeds 450000. The sales volume of this data cable fully shows the market's recognition and acceptance of the "new integrated rotating LED data cable", and shows the vitality and vitality of mapow mobile phone charging data cable with its creative elements.

From the above figure, it can be seen that mapow rotates led data cable in one body with the following main features:

iPhone Charger Cable

  1. The wire rod adopts high density nylon wire, which is fine in workmanship and guaranteed in quality
  2. 180 degree free rotation, which can meet different scenes, such as vehicle, hand travel, learning, etc
  3. One head on the first line meets different mobile interface requirements (Android head, type-C head, apple head), and then the integrated rotation mode of "one drag three" will be upgraded
  4. Support 3A fast charging mode
  5. USB2.0 data transmission function is adopted
  6. LED lamp effect at charging head
  7. Patent protection of utility model
  8. iPhone 12 charger cable 

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