Four kinds of data cables are recommended to charge the mobile phone quickly and conveniently

We must understand the small tools in our daily life, such as the smart shelf on the back of the mobile phone and the mobile shelf for idle people. There are also some related things, such as explosion-proof screen glass, anti peeping mobile phone film, anti falling mobile phone shell, and often need charger and data cable. These things are closely related to mobile phones and can bring convenience to people. What do you know about mobile phone charging cable? Many people think that the mobile phone charging data cable is only the division between the original and non original manufacturers, and the difference between flash charging and ordinary line is actually too shallow for you to know.


  1. MHL data cable

In our daily life, we often encounter data cable with USB interface, but in fact, there are more mobile phone interface data cable besides USB. One of the most commonly used is the MHL data cable, which is basically a first-line brand of mobile phones. There are also some domestic high-end brands, mainly connected to TV. Used to play some video devices and view photos.

  1. OTG data cable

The second is the OTG data cable. This OTG says that it is a data cable, but some conditions are too high. The main function is to connect the mobile phone directly, without using the computer to read all the contents of the USB flash disk. You can directly use this data cable to connect the USB disk and the mobile phone, and it is very convenient to browse the contents of the USB disk. And can greatly save the storage space of the mobile phone, storage of some data is also very convenient.

  1. Integrated data cable


Most of the time, in the process of charging, we will find that different models of mobile phone interface is different. If your interface is different from that of mobile phone charger, you can't charge when you need to, and this integrated cable is a good solution. It has many different types of mobile phone plug, not only saves time, but also expands the function. If you have several different models of mobile phones, the most appropriate choice is such a data cable, which is a very popular data cable.

  1. One drag multiple data cables

This multi data cable is different from the above multi data cable. Multi in one data cable is to select the plug according to different types of mobile phones. This kind of multi in one data cable is completely used according to the number of mobile phones. One more cable can charge multiple mobile phones at the same time, greatly reducing the charging time of mobile phones, making mobile phone charging a very convenient thing.