Foreign media: the cancellation of the iPhone 12 charger is not so environmentally friendly | still DDR4

In the early morning of October 14, four new iPhones of the 12 series were officially released. Because they no longer come with chargers and wired earphones, they are highly controversial. Recently, Android authority, an authoritative US technology media, issued a direct bombardment, saying that the cancellation of chargers and earphones for iPhones is not as environmentally friendly as apple said.

Foreign media said that although Apple has a reasonable saying that "canceling accessories" is promoting environmental protection and emission reduction. However, Apple has ignored other issues related to this behavior: ① apple is still making chargers: iPhone 12 chargers still exist, but they are no longer included. Apple is still making those accessories and selling them at a fairly high price.

③ The iPhone 12 supports fast charging, but it may not be able to charge with the user's own accessories: the iPhone 12 series supports 20W PD fast charging and 15W MagSafe fast charging, for which Apple provides a data cable, but does not provide a charger. If the user does not have a 20W PD fast charging charger at home, they still need to buy it.

Androidauthority pointed out that Apple's practice of canceling the charger and wired headphones actually saves costs, sells accessories and is more environmentally friendly. If we really want to further protect the environment, we might as well cancel the lightning charging port of iPhone and replace it with usb-c port, so that users who buy 12 series can make full use of their chargers at home instead of buying extra ones.

Finally, I would like to share some information that I missed yesterday. Recently, ifixit disassembled the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro. Yesterday, I summarized the information about the changes of the motor, battery capacity, 5g baseband, camera and other internal structures. Today, I'd like to see the suppliers of these parts.