For the iPhone 12, which charger can replace the original apple charger, the performance is better than the original one, but also the least harm to Apple mobile phone?

First of all, don't dream, no harm? It doesn't exist. Let's get rid of this idea. There's no battery that doesn't wear out. Unless you magically carry an apple clip on battery all the time

We're almost there. We've got the original 20W Apple charger

How to say, actually, the price is not particularly expensive. Of course, there are many cheaper third parties, including Anke, purple rice and so on. But in the final analysis, which is better, I am very curious

So here's a preview. I'll buy some 20W fast charging heads of major brands on the market and do a detailed comparative test. Charging speed, heating, price, agreement, etc. those who are interested can look forward to it first

The mobile phone charger company is as like as two peas. It is directly possible to find chips manufacturers to buy chips, and then buy the chips into their own design of the charger shell.

Chip suppliers are different, but there are also various filter capacitors, various inductors, resistors, high-frequency transformers, rectifying diodes and switch tubes provided by suppliers. There is no possibility that the above components have the same performance. According to some groups in the machine circle, now all charger manufacturers are "compradors".

So it is impossible to say that the performance of the third-party charger is the same as that of the original apple charger.

It is certain that fast charging will damage the battery. The damage mainly lies in the irreversible damage of the positive and negative materials of the battery accelerated by high rate charging and the high temperature generated during charging. These two points will not change because the charging head is originally made by apple.

Third party charger damage battery? This is a false proposition at all.

When the current enters the fuselage, it first goes through the data line with MFI chip, and the unqualified one will be cut off directly at this step.

Reliable charger will not trigger this function at all.

After entering the fuselage, there will be a power management chip, which can provide overcharge, overvoltage, overcurrent, high temperature protection and short circuit protection.

It's a bit difficult for a third-party charger to make batteries for Apple phones

As for the charger, my point is to choose according to the budget,

It's a little expensive, but it's not worth buying at all.

I don't think the original product is bulky, so I buy Anker, which has appeared most frequently at present. This is also my own choice.

I don't want to spend more money. Zimi, Jingdong, jingzao and lvlian are very reliable brands.

After my actual measurement, the charging power of the iPhone 12 in the off screen state is less than 20W, and the maximum charging power in the on screen state is about 25W. It's enough to buy a 20W charger for daily use.

It's very difficult for people who don't know, but pay attention to a few simple points, and you can know how to choose.

1. About performance

I guess it mainly refers to power. The most limited factor of power is the power supported by the mobile phone. The charger is easy to replace. You can't change the amount of power supported by the mobile phone.
iPhone 12 charger port
So how much power your mobile phone supports is your upper performance limit.

For the iPhone 12, the upper limit is about 22.5w, which is basically the same as the iPhone 11. Please refer to the reference article [1] at the end of the article. If the charging power of the charger you buy exceeds this, it is meaningless.

Therefore, the performance is better than the original. There are two kinds of Original: 18W and 20W. As long as you buy more than 20W, the theoretical performance will exceed the original.
Apple Cable
However, note that 22.5w is the maximum power, but it takes less than 20 minutes to charge. Although the voltage is still 9V, the current will decrease, so 22.5w is not always achieved.

So 18W, 20W, 22W (without this power, generally 30W), charging time difference is not big, don't deliberately pursue larger.

2. Minimal damage to mobile phones

First of all, the answer is yes. After all, with the increase of cycles, voltage, current and heating, the battery life will be reduced.

Secondly, different chargers also have different losses on the battery. For example, different components used in the chargers bring similar ripple results, which will cause different battery losses. In theory, the greater the ripple, the greater the impact of the loss. However, ordinary people can't detect this without special instruments. However, in fact, if it is a qualified product (such as a product with brand protection), the loss difference here may not be different in the life cycle of your mobile phone.


iPhone 12 charger port
For example, if you use Apple's 18W, it may be 86% of the battery health after two years; if you use purple rice's 18W, it may be 84% of the battery health after two years (not real data, just to illustrate the fabricated figures). Is the difference of 2% battery health really so important?

So, my point of view is, don't go to extremes. You really don't need to pursue the extreme. If you are willing to spend more than 100 yuan, just buy Apple's 20W. Although it is smaller than the original 18W, it's enough.

If you want to save some money, purple rice is only over thirty, which is really enough.

A little more expensive Anker's will do

If you don't think it's enough, you can also take a look at my following article to choose a suitable third-party charger: