First dismantling of the whole network: Huawei's latest 20W charge pump fast charging charger

As we all know, Huawei has successively launched two fast charging technologies, 22.5w Super Charge fast charging and 40W Super Charge fast charging, and has won good market feedback. At the same time, Huawei 22.5w fast charging charger and Huawei 40W fast charging charger are disassembled in detail.

However, in December last year, the charging head network learned from chargerlab that Huawei introduced a new fast charging technology: 10V / 2A charge pump; And in the last month exposed Huawei 20W fast charger spy photos. At present, Huawei's 20W fast charging charger has arrived at the editorial department of charging head network. Here is a detailed disassembly of this product.

1、 Appearance of Huawei 20W charge pump fast charging charger

The basic appearance of this charger continues the style of Huawei original charger. Pure white appearance, PC material, surface with bright baking paint treatment, very smooth; Get this charger in hand for the national standard pin, non foldable design. There are grooves on the front of the appliance to prevent users from slipping when plugging in and out the charger. There is a raised design on the back of the charger. This is different from Huawei's previous fast charging chargers. In the past, the shell of Huawei's original charger was either designed with grooves on both sides, or with convex design on both sides.

The single usb-a interface on the output panel is in the middle, the interface adopts white rubber core, and the word "Huawei" is printed on the top.

Through the close-up lens, we can see that the charger interface uses four metal shrapnel, the size is consistent, and there is no special widening design.

The thickness of the charger is less than the diameter of a dollar coin, so it is small and light to hold. Detailed parameter information is printed on the pin side of the charger, product model: hw-100200c00, input: 100-240V ~ 50 / 60Hz, 0.5A; Output: 5V / 2a, 9V / 2a, 10V / 2A. The products are manufactured by Shenzhen Hangjia Chiyuan Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., which meet the VI level 6 energy efficiency standard and pass CCC certification.

Using chargerlab power-z kt001 to detect the charger output protocol, the display supports USB DCP, qc2.0, FCP and other charging protocols.

2、 Disassembly of Huawei 20W charge pump fast charging charger

Open the charging shell from the output interface side and take out the internal PCBA module. The front of the PCB board is light yellow and covered with necessary plug-in components.
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At the front of the PCB board, two electrolytic capacitors are used at the input and two solid-state capacitors are used at the output. There are stickers on the transformer and a lot of silica gel is used between the components. A delay fuse and a surge suppression resistor are set at the input end.

Time delay fuse, 2A 250V.

The input end adopts two electrolytic capacitors of samxon Wanyu, with the specifications of 400V 12 μ F. Between the two electrolytic capacitors is a color ring inductor. Two blue Y capacitors are arranged in series between the primary and secondary to play the role of output anti-interference.

Anti interference y capacitor close up.

The usb-a output interface is specially designed and equipped with dust cover.

Close to the output interface, there are two hexagonal chips, 00 = 2b6 and 64 = 31a, which are respectively screen printed. They are synchronous rectifier controller and protocol identification chips output from usb-a interface. They are all from Richtek technology. The actual model of synchronous rectifier chip is rt7220b, and the actual model of protocol chip is rt7203a.

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Ritz rt7220b is the world's first high-efficiency CCM mode (no Schottky) hybrid high-efficiency synchronous rectifier control chip with volt second calculation + Sr MOS detection. All disassembled.

Summary of dismantling charging head net

The appearance of Huawei's 20W fast charging charger basically follows the previous style. In addition to supporting 5V / 2a and 9v2a, the output of 10V / 2a is also added. This is Huawei's latest charge pump technology. Its main features are excellent performance and low cost.


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After dismantling the charging head network, it is found that the PWM main control chip, the secondary synchronous rectifier chip and the protocol identification chip of usb-a port in Huawei's 20W charger all adopt the fast charging scheme of Likai technology; The primary main control MOS transistor is from Jilin Huawei, and the secondary synchronous rectifier MOS transistor is vs6410as of Verizon semiconductor; The primary filter and PWM power supply capacitors are from Wanyu and Dongjia electronics respectively, and the main components are well-known brands in the industry.

In addition, a large amount of silica gel is used in the charger, which plays a role in fixing components and auxiliary heat dissipation. The materials and workmanship of the whole product are of great reference value to peers.