Finger size, strong concealment, eavesdropping devices disguised as data lines and other items are sold on e-commerce platforms

Central broadcasting network Beijing December 28th news (General Station Central reporter Tan Zhen) recently, the Nanjing police in Jiangsu destroyed a production and sales positioning, including wiretap equipment, including the manufacturer, sales agent, black chain of the network, arrested 28 suspect, seized more than 2000 related equipment. The reporter's investigation found that on the e-commerce platform, there are not a few businesses selling such eavesdropping devices. Some businesses said that a variety of electronic devices can be transformed into eavesdroppers, and can also be customized according to customers' needs.

According to reports, in February this year, the network security brigade of Jiangning branch of Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau received a report from the masses that someone sold power bank with positioning and eavesdropping functions on the Internet. According to this clue, the police conducted an in-depth investigation and found that some manufacturers specially assembled and sold such products, and formed a network black industrial chain of production and sales.


The police investigation found that these devices were disguised as power bank by the producers, and could be remotely located, tracked and recorded without the user's knowledge, suspected of infringing citizens' personal information. Zhang Zhe, a policeman from the network security brigade of Jiangning branch of Nanjing Public Security Bureau, Jiangsu Province, said: "it has an automatic recording function, that is, when the device has power, the mobile app sends it a command to make it record automatically. Automatic recording will automatically turn on above 50 decibels, and then upload a 10 second recording. When the decibel reaches below 50, it turns off the recording function. It will automatically recognize the surrounding volume. "


Starting from the secondary sales agent of the equipment, the police tracked down a company in Shenzhen responsible for the operation and maintenance of the backstage website. In July this year, the Nanjing police organized more than 80 police officers to Shenzhen to gather their nets in a concentrated way, smashing production and marketing of 3 suspect dens, 1 operation and maintenance network platforms, 28 suspects arrested, and 2000 more locations and eavesdropping devices. Charge treasure positioner (screenshot of web page)


This afternoon, reporters search found that the disguised as a charging treasure of positioning eavesdropping equipment exists in major e-commerce platforms. In an e-commerce platform, a mobile phone with price of 658 yuan is claimed to be able to realize remote recording, precise positioning, real-time monitoring and other functions.


In a purchase platform, the location of the charging treasure eavesdropper is cheaper. Some businesses told reporters that if more than 10 units are purchased, each one only needs 238 yuan. The business said that the reason why the charging treasure can be changed into a eavesdropper, can not be separated from a SIM card. The whole monitoring process is equivalent to a single call. "As long as there is a signal in that place," the merchant said. It is equivalent to our mobile phone. It is only that when dialing, the other party will not make any noise. This will achieve real-time monitoring, which is called one-way calls. " Data line, GPS positioner of charging head (screenshot of web page)


Besides disguised as a charging treasure, there are many positioning eavesdroppers disguised as charging plug, data line, excellent disk and other items. In a shopping platform, a store specializing in eavesdropping positioning equipment specially released video to introduce the camouflage performance of its own excellent disk eavesdropping positioner“ It looks like a good disk, but it's actually a positioner. Because this is a disguise dual-purpose, can not see is the positioner, positioner is silent and light-free work, after all, as camouflage, concealment is very secure. "


In fact, for such devices, many platforms have blocked the relevant keywords. At present, a large number of online public positioning and eavesdropping equipment is a micro eavesdropping positioner, which is usually only thumb size, and can work for more than ten days when charged with electricity. The business said that such equipment can be adsorbed on cars and clothing, and it is very concealing. "We have small and micro locators," the merchant said. The thumb is about the size, recording and listening functions. Put on the card and record directly. There is no limit on the bag and clothes. Put it wherever you want. "

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The business said it could also provide private customization, with chips with positioning and eavesdropping capabilities embedded in various electronic devices such as mobile phones. The company claims that the embedded type of eavesdropping positioning equipment and micro wiretap positioner they sell are legal and compliant products“ We must be anti-theft, put it in the mobile phone, to prevent the loss of the mobile phone. It is a security product, and it is legally compliant. "


Reporters found that most businesses in the name of "theft, the elderly and children lost" and other security goods in the name of online sales of such goods. But in the shopping evaluation, many buyers said that they had the need to track down the eavesdropping demand for such products.

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Yueshenshan, senior partner of Beijing Yuecheng law firm, said that according to the provisions on Prohibition of illegal production and sale of special equipment for eavesdropping and stealing photos and "pseudo base station" equipment, the transmitting and receiving equipment with wireless transmission and receiving voice signal functions and voice reception functions in remote control voice receiving equipment or electronic equipment are used in disguise or concealment, The equipment (including software) which obtains relevant voice information and has no obvious prompt belongs to special equipment for eavesdropping. "This kind of equipment is prohibited from illegal production, sale and use," Yue said. Enterprises who illegally produce and sell such stolen equipment will be investigated for criminal responsibility. Illegal use of special equipment for eavesdropping and stealing photos can also constitute a crime. He said it was a legal production, or under the banner of security, in fact, security equipment could not be produced and sold at will. As we say, this kind of security equipment generally refers to the large camera, like the one we see in the street, which is generally quite striking. If it is to use that hidden type, it is obviously suspected of illegally producing and selling stolen camera materials. "

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Although the state explicitly forbids, on e-commerce platforms, such equipment is not allowed. In addition, the reporter also found that after browsing the relevant products, the platform will also push more such goods. Yueshenshan said the platform should take on its own responsibilities“ Our e-commerce platform should be responsible and pay more efforts to deal with these illegal products, or such illegal sales. Including shielding, including timely transfer of these illegal information to relevant departments, and timely reporting to relevant departments. "