Fill the market quickly! Lvlian launched 8 fast charging chargers in one go, which can be used by iPhone 12!

With the rapid development of smart phones, large screen has become the mainstream, 5g is becoming more and more mature, and various applications and technologies are blooming. At the same time, it also puts forward higher requirements for battery life. However, limited by the physical characteristics of lithium battery, in addition to increasing the battery capacity, it can only speed up the charging speed. There is no doubt that the arrival of fast charging has become an effective solution to alleviate users' anxiety about endurance.

With rich experience in the market and profound technology accumulation, Greenlink is now making efforts in the fast charging market, launching eight fast charging chargers, ranging from 20W to 65W, covering the iPhone, iPad, Android models represented by Huawei mobile phones and notebook computer market represented by MacBook, with a complete product line.


Lvlian xiaojingang 20W PD charger cd249 the latest lvlian 20W PD fast charging charger, also known as xiaojingang, is very small in size. The overall bright surface is very delicate, with a light color "ugreen" logo printed on the side, indicating the brand ownership.

The usb-c port supports qc2.0 / 3.0, qc4.0 +, MTK PE + 2.0, FCP, pd3.0 and PPS fast charging protocols. It also has three fixed voltage ranges of 5v3a, 9v2.22a and 12v1.67a, and two PPS voltage ranges of 3.3-5.9v 3a and 3.3-11v1.8a. In terms of performance, it can meet the daily fast charging needs of most brands of mobile phones, including iPhone.

Lvlian 20W PD fast charging kit CD137

Lvlian 20W fast charging package includes a usb-c to lightning fast charging cable and a 20W PD fast charging charger. Both the cable and the charger have passed the official certification of Apple MFI, which is rare in the market. It can charge more than 50% of the power for the iPhone 12 in 30 minutes, which is faster and more secure to use.

The package includes a green link 20W PD charger, product model CD137, white piano paint like bright process, ugreen green link logo printed in the middle, single usb-c output configuration, PC flame retardant shell, the overall design style and green link other chargers to maintain the same ID. With over temperature protection, short circuit protection, lightning protection, over-current protection and other measures, it is safer to use. Support 100-240V 50 / 60Hz global voltage, output support 5v3a / 9v2.22a/12v1.67a three gear PDO voltage, downward compatible with 18W PD fast charging.

Apple's supporting cable net tail is short and stiff, which is likely to be damaged from the net tail after long-term use, and its durability is not high. The end of the usb-c to lightning fast charging line is made of high toughness TPE material, which is plastic, flexible and streamlined. It can resist ten thousand times of bending and is not easy to break. The length of the cable is 1 meter, which is the most universal. The terminal head adopts Apple MFI certification c94 terminal, which is used stably by the original factory certification.

Lvlian 20W PD fast charging CD220

The CD220 is completely different from the previous two 20W PD chargers. The appearance is mainly black and green, and the rubber core is purple, which shows the simple aesthetics. The compact body can be carried with you.

The charger supports three PDO voltages of 5v3a / 9v2.22a/12v1.67a, and two PPS gears of 3.3-5.9v/3a and 3.3-11v/1.8a, which is the first echelon of performance.


Lvlian 30W PD charger CD127

Lvlian 30W PD charger CD127 has two colors, black and white, classic versatile, three-dimensional size of about 56 * 48 * 28mm; Single usb-c interface output, support 30W high power output, fast charging speed. The 3D size is about 56 * 48 * 28mm.

The charger supports pd2.0 protocol, qc3.0, bc1.2 and other fast charging protocols, with output power of 5V / 3a, 9V / 2a, 15V / 2a and 20v1.5a. It supports iPhone, iPad, macbook and various Android devices with strong compatibility.

Lvlian 30W 1a1c charger cd212

Compared with the CD127 above, the cd212 of the 30W 1a1c charger of lvlian has changed a lot. In terms of appearance, it is more concise as a whole. In terms of interface, it has a usb-a interface, which is more convenient to carry with foldable pins and is not easy to scratch other objects.

In terms of performance, the charger's usb-c interface supports 5V / 3a, 9V / 3a and 15V / 2a, with a maximum output of 30W. It is more inclined to charge mobile phones, iPad and other devices. The usb-a interface supports 5V / 2.1a 10.5w output, and the maximum output power of dual port is 30W at the same time, which is more suitable for multi device users such as dual computer party.


Lvlian 65W 3c1a Gan charger cd224

The green 3c1a Gan charger is a square structure in appearance. Stripes are designed on both sides of the micro drum to increase the gripping friction. The green brand "ugreen" is printed on the bright side in the middle, which makes it look gentle and low-key. The maximum output power is 65W, and the interface configuration has four output ports, which is a rare 3c1a interface configuration on the market.

iPhone Charger Adapter

Lvlian 3c1a Gan charger is based on PI Gan technology. Its dimensions are 107.2mm * 108.5mm * 39.5mm, and its weight is 172g. Compared with the traditional charger, the square charger has a smaller volume. Compared with the edge of the sword, the square charger is more stable and not easy to loose.

Compared with the same level products, the green link 3c1a Gan charger has four output ports, which can output four devices at the same time in the face of multi device applications, so there is no need to queue up to replace the device in turn. Built in intelligent power distribution strategy, dual C output power is adjusted to 45W + 18W, usb-c1 / C2 + A to 45 + 18, four port output power is adjusted to 18W + 18W + 5v3a, to meet the needs of different occasions.
iPhone Charger Cable
In terms of performance, Gan charger usb-c1 / usb-c2 supports power blind insertion, and can achieve 65W maximum output performance by inserting any one of them. It supports five fixed voltage outputs of 5v3a / 9v3a / 12v3a / 15v3a / 20v3.25a, and has a set of PPS: 3.3-21v3a; Usb-c3 supports 5v3a / 9v2a / 12v1.5a output, and the maximum power is 18W; Usb-a supports 4.5v5a / 5v4.5a / 5v3a / 9v2a / 12v1.5a, sharing one channel with usb-c3. In addition to supporting USB PD fast charging, it also has QC, FCP, SCP, apple2.4a and other common fast charging protocols.

Lvlian 65W Gan charger cd217

Green Gan charger 65W cd217 black shell adopts two kinds of process, the frame is matte, both sides of the bright surface is slightly convex, holding only palm size, feel warm. The girth is 52.44mm x 52.23mm x 32.27mm, and the power density is 0.73w/cm ³, It has 65W high power output volume, but it is only about the size of Apple 30W, which is also the advantage of high frequency and high efficiency brought by Gan power devices.

It has complete PDO voltage: 5v3a / 9v3a / 12v3a / 15v3a / 20v3.25a, and also includes two groups of PPS voltage, which are 3.3-11v4.05a/3.3-21v3.25a. In terms of fast charging protocol, it supports apple2.4a, qc2.0, qc3.0, AFC and other fast charging protocols.

Green link 65W 2C Gan charger cd216
iPhone Charger Cable
The appearance of the 65W 2C Gan charger cd216 is almost the same as the two above, and has a great difference in interface and performance.

The parameters are as follows:

Input: 100-240V 50/60hz 1.8A Max

Usb-c1/c2 output: 5v3a / 9v3a / 12v3a / 15v3a / 20v3.3a

Dual usb-c output:

5V3A / 9V3A / 12V3A / 15V3A / 20V2.25A,45W Max

5V3A / 9V2.22A + 12V1.67A,20W Max

Total output power: 66W Max

Company profile

Founded in 2012, Shenzhen green Link Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, design, production and sales, and is committed to providing users with multi scene and all-round digital accessories solutions.

Green Federation always insists on user-centered, solves user pain points, attaches importance to user experience, and continuously provides users with valuable and unique green style high-quality products. The products cover mobile phone accessories, computer accessories, audio and video accessories, car parts, home life accessories and industrial control accessories, and are endorsed by "ugreen green alliance" brand, which has accumulated good reputation in the market.

Charging head network Summary

From 20W to 65W, green alliance has eight fast charging chargers, which have rich choices in power size, whether pins can be folded, interface quantity and matching, and appearance, meeting the needs of iPhone, iPad, Huawei mobile phone as the representative Android model and MacBook representative notebook users.

With the development of intelligent equipment, fast charging charger will be more and more in our life. At present, the extremely hot fast charging market will give out more charm!