Fast charging, small size, easy to carry charger?

This is not recommended, but if you look at it yourself, you will find that most of the apple certification from various manufacturers are data cables, and there are few certification for charging heads.


I'm using a Green League suit now (not the one it comes with.)


At present, what the green alliance matches is the first line with no apple certification. If you look for it in the store, it has a suit, which is cheap.

It can be filled in an hour and a half.

(it seems to be faster than propaganda. I don't know if it's an individual case)

Fast charging: iPhone 11 / iPhone 12 use, PD protocol 20W or above is OK;

Small size, easy to carry: on the basis of small size, some manufacturers will also provide foldable pins, so that the bags will not be scratched.

At present, when it comes to small size, all the charging heads will be compared with Apple's 5v1a.

On the right side of the picture is Apple's Wufu Yian old charging head, excluding pins: 27 * 27 * 30 mm

Anker's nano 20W series, the most compact in the market, uses PI chips just like Apple's original ones. In addition to conventional white, there are color models (mint green and lavender purple), as well as the official cooperation model with Doraemon. The price of these two days is more than 60.

Weight and size (excluding pins): 30g, 28 * 28 * 30MM. The mini green diamond of Anker Nano series is a circle larger than Anker's, and the price and pins can be folded

Weight and size (excluding pins): 37G, 30 * 30 * 34.5mm, lvlian Mini diamond

 iPhone 12 charger port

The last is the magcube with 5W body and 30W power. The specific evaluation results can be referred to the article of charging network: Mini 30W small steel gun, aohi gallium nitride charger evaluation [1]. Visual inspection will be very popular. The process design, especially the indicator light, is very characteristic, which is not seen in the charging head below 30W at present. If you have an iPad air 4 or iPad pro on hand, it's highly recommended. Weight and size: 42g, 28 * 28 * 32mm, aohi 30W Gan magcube.


To add: aohi magcube series is the self owned brand of Aohai technology, a listed company. Aohi technology is the core manufacturer of many domestic mobile phone manufacturers, such as Huawei, Xiaomi, oppo, vivo and other mobile phones with original chargers. The scale of this market can be seen from the manufacturers' personal entry into the market. Fast charging, small size, easy to carry, iPhone 12 / iPhone 11 use the charger, here I directly with Apple's ancestral five FU one an (5V / 1a) contrast it.

IPhone 11 / iPhone 12 supports PD fast charging, supports the maximum power of 20W, and uses a charger with a power higher than 20W for charging, with a peak power of about 22W.

After the iPhone 12, the 20W charger market is very hot, not only the quality is good, the price is also very advantageous, and at present most of the 18W chargers are off the shelf.

Here are some mini chargers, hope to help you!

  1. Anker nano 20W charger

Anker nano supports PD 20W fast charging, which is small in size, similar to Apple 5W charger. At present, the smallest and lightest 20W charger is very portable.

Disadvantages: the pins are not foldable.

  1. Lvlian 20W Mini King Kong

Lvlian Mini King Kong supports PD 20W, which is smaller than Apple's 5W charger, but smaller than Apple's original 20W charger. The focus is on the design of foldable pin, which is much better in portability and price. detailed evaluation.

Disadvantages: small volume advantage

  1. Others

I won't introduce them one by one. Most of the mini chargers have the same size. Just choose the brand you like according to the budget. If you charge a mobile phone, you won't recommend the multi mouthed ones. You don't need them. Moreover, the price is relatively expensive.

 iPhone Adapter

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