Eyeglasses without holes

In the case of small degree, take as little as possible, eyes should often look at ts and other things, which is good for the protection of eyesight. Do eye exercises, if you still remember how to do it. If the degree is very high, surgery can be considered. Now the level of surgery in China is OK, but there may also be risks. Consider it before you decide.

Even at a certain angle, it can't eliminate all the reflection.

The best way to solve the problem of the reflection of the ID glasses is to:

1. Adopt light illumination, 45 degree oblique, avoid front lighting, and use soft light cover for the lamp.

2. Let the subjects wear eyeglass frames without lenses.

When using the flash in the room, do not shine on the front. The reflective light can be adjusted as the main light source, and the reflective light of glasses can be easily removed. When only the front lighting can be used, the subject's face can be rotated left and right, the angle can be adjusted slightly, or the camera position can be raised to avoid the reflection on the glasses.

If you shoot outdoors, you must try to keep the backlight. If you let the subject shoot in the sunlight, the reflection of the lens will also occur. So when taking photos, we must first have more light to determine the shooting angle, so that there will be no reflection.

(1) In the outdoor, take a picture for the person wearing glasses. When the subject stands in the bright place, facing the shady place, the light spot and reflection image on the glasses will be weakened. On the contrary, the spot and reflection image of glasses can hardly be avoided. From this we can know: when you take a picture of a person wearing glasses, there are many reflections on the glasses. With the rotation of the subject, changing the direction and the movement of the camera, increasing or decreasing the height of the camera, this kind of light spot can completely disappear.

(2) When taking pictures for people wearing glasses indoors, a light can be used for lighting. The photographer can observe through the viewfinder of the camera and move the light until the reflection on the glasses disappears. The auxiliary light should not be placed on the front. If you use flash to take such photos, you can't use direct lighting. In this way, the bright flash light and shadow will be clearly reflected on the glasses. If you use reflective lighting, this phenomenon will be improved.

(3) Add a polarizer to the lens of the camera. This kind of glasses can reflect light easily. The photographer can rotate the polarizer, observe the reflection on the glasses from the camera viewfinder and press the shutter when the reflection image disappears.