Evonik launched marble wireless charger, supporting 10W wireless fast charging

At present, most flagship phones on the market are equipped with wireless charging function, which enables users to get rid of wire binding, enjoy unlimited charging experience with on-demand charging. Wireless chargers also develop from ordinary plastic materials to metal, wood, glass and other changes. Today, the charging head network found that ekroni uses marble as raw material to launch a marble wireless charger, which integrates technology and nature well, with exquisite and elegant.


About eggtronic eicreat:

Eggtronic ekroni is an Italian electronic company facing global operation, specializing in consumer electronics design and production and B2B scheme design, and has rich experience in developing high efficiency power supply technology. The ekroni marble wireless charger is made of natural marble shell, which is disc shaped in appearance, 120mm in diameter and 20mm in thickness. It has built-in wireless charging module with the maximum wireless charging power of 10W.

The natural pure solid marble is selected as raw material for ekroli marble wireless charger. After fine selection, each natural pattern is different and exquisite. There are four kinds of colors available from ekroli, namely, Medong stone, black hole stone, plain white and classic black.


Ektronics marble wireless charger is developed based on Qi wireless charging standard. It intelligently matches 5W, 7.5W and 10W output power. It can shake hands with apple 7.5W wireless fast charging, and the fastest filling time is about 3 hours, Android 10W wireless charging is fast, and the fastest filling time is about 3.5 hours.

Wireless charger integrated durable woven nylon cable, compared with ordinary wire has better anti-wear and bending ability, and matching with the original color of marble, no need to buy later cable, users can use it. The wireless charger has multiple protection functions, including over-current protection, over-voltage protection, short circuit protection, power protection, magnetic field protection, foreign matter protection and other functions, so that users can enjoy the fun of wireless charging.


In addition to wireless charging of mobile phones, the ektronic marble wireless charger also supports small current mode, which can charge wireless for small power devices such as Bluetooth headset. At present, the ektronic marble wireless charger has been put on the shelf in the flagship store of eggtronic in Jingdong, priced at 268 yuan. Interested small partners can get on their own and buy them.