Evaluation of Zimi's new skin friendly silicone Apple fast charging data cable -- details revolution of data cable

Zimi launched a data cable a few days ago, which is different from most of the data cables sold in the market. This data cable does not use the PTE material originally produced by apple, nor does it use the woven material currently used by most third-party data cables. Instead, it uses silicone skin friendly material. With great curiosity, it directly opens the box for testing. This evaluation will be divided into packaging, original line, comparison of appearance, texture and charging test.



Part one: appearance -- concise and intimate

First of all, the packaging is very simple, basically tell you what you need to know about this data cable. Apple's official MFI accessories certification mark is very eye-catching. Of course, it is necessary for this high-end line to pass this certification.



This data cable comes with a cable strap, which is very intimate. It's very convenient to store. If you want to lengthen it, you can untie it directly, and it can stretch freely. There is also a two-dimensional code number on the data cable. It's a one-to-one secret key. Ha ha, it really has the style of a big factory, and the details are in place.

Part two: comparison of original line

Take out the Apple's original fast charging, and compare it first. First, the thickness of the wire is on the top, and the original line takes the lead. The original line is really too thin, and the result is that it is easy to break. At the same time, according to junior high school physics knowledge, the resistance value of the thin line is high, and the resistance value of the thick wire is low, which can improve the charging speed. The most important thing is to deal with the end of the wire. In fact, when ordinary people use the data cable, it will not be damaged. A lot of pull lines are really not taken to pull the car. Most of them are broken in repeated use. The line is glued or broken from the joint. The apple original line has no transition, so it is easy to damage from the joint in the bending. Zimi's joint It's specially handled by the Department and adopts the integrated lengthening process, which can greatly reduce the risk of bending damage. It's very considerate, so it's no exaggeration to say 30000 + bending times in the publicity. It seems that the original equipment is in a downwind.


Part three: appearance and texture -- explosion of details

The main feature of this data cable is its special material. It's really comfortable to touch it carefully. I don't know how to express it. Anyway, it feels like baby's skin. It's slippery and soft. The texture is very comfortable. The key is smooth and it's not easy to entangle. This material is really friendly. I feel it will be a new trend of data cable in the future. Apple has introduced a special silica gel protective shell before. A 300 + one feels no difference to the touch. The materials it should use are almost the same. It seems that the materials are very good.

The most detailed and bright spot of the whole line is the connector plug-in place. If you look carefully, you can see the pattern of zMi trademark, with fingerprint like texture around, which has high precision. This pattern design is the first time to see at the connector, which has a great sense of design, and the most important thing is that it can also play the role of anti-skid when plugging, which is really a magic stroke.





Part four: charging test: the old bank is solid

All in all, there are so many fancy data cables on the market now. In the end, they are not used for charging. The next step is the old test of Zimi data cable, because this data cable adopts usb-c to lightning interface, with official c94 fast charging chip in it. It supports Apple fast charging of iPhone 8 and above. Of course, iPad air3 and 4 have the old iPad Pro (using lightning interface) can use this line to quickly charge, less gossip, above.

IPhone fast charging test:

This me, we used the iPhone XR to test, the power is 16W, reaching the standard power of fast charging, the peak value is 22W, and the maintained power is 15-16w, which is exactly the same as the original line, and the charging time is 3 minutes faster than the original line.

IPad air 3 fast charging test:

Through the test, the power of this line has reached 28w, and the peak power is 33W, which fully meets the full blood standard of the iPad series, faster than the orginal.

Conclusion: Zimi data cable should be said to have taken a high-quality route in the market with complicated data cables. Not only the details are in place and the consideration is very considerate, but also the efforts of the old charging industry are still not disappointing. If you are an apple family bucket user, or want to change the original line, and want to use the device for retirement, then this one is really a good choice. It's said that there will be more colors in the future, which will be versatile with the equipment.