Evaluation of Beisi 30W dual port PD charging head: meet all requirements at one time!

With the development of science and technology, there are more and more devices that need to be charged. It is common to put two or three charging heads in the schoolbag. Now there is an urgent need for a charging head that can charge with two ports. Beisi has appeared. Beisi 30W charging head has dual port output, supports multi protocol, and can charge laptops that support PD fast charging.


The packaging box of Beisi 30W PD dual port charger adopts white as the background color, yellow as the bright color, with baseus logo on the top left and PPS / qc3.0 fast charging on the top right. The product is printed in the central position, and the material is different. Type-C + USB, 30W power and HW 5A super quick charge are printed on the bottom, indicating that the charging head supports type-C and type-a charging, the highest power is 30W and Huawei 5A fast charging, that is SCP fast charging


More detailed information is printed on the side of the package in both Chinese and English.

The charging head is protected by a ring of plastic film. The use of foldable pin design, convenient storage, but also effectively prevent scratches on other electronic devices, give this design a high praise.

The charging head has two output ports: type-A and type-c. type-A uses orange interface.

More information of charging head is printed on the plug-in surface:

Model: bs-ch905

USB output: 4.5v/5a, 5V / 4.5a, 9V / 3a, 12V / 2.5A

Type-C output: 5V / 3a, 9V / 3a, 12V / 2.5A, 15V / 2a, 20V / 1.5A


USB + type-C total output: 5V / 5A Max compare with other charging heads, from left to right are iPad original charging head, Xiaomi 9 original charging head and Beisi 30W PD fast charging head. Beisi's charging head is slightly larger than the original Xiaomi 9 charging head in volume.

Charging protocol

Next, use the black gold meter to test the charging protocol.


First, the type-A header is detected, and the supported protocols are: bc1.2 DCP, apple 2.4a, Samsung 2.0A, AFC 5-9v, Huawei FCP 5-12v, SCP 3.4-5.5v, 5A 25W, qc3.05-12v.

It supports most popular protocols in the market, such as apple 2.4a, qc3.0 of Qualcomm, etc. the biggest highlight is that it supports Huawei FCP and SCP protocols.


Another charging port, type-C, supports the same protocol as type-A, with pd3.0 fast charging and PPS charging protocol

PDO message

Use the PD trigger function of the black gold meter to obtain the following PDO messages

PD gears supported are 5V / 3a, 9V / 3a, 12V / 2.5A, 15V / 2a, 20V / 1.5A, 3-5.9v/3a, 3-11v/3a, including 5 fixed voltage gears and 2 PPS intelligent regulating voltage gears.

Charging power


Charge Xiaomi 9 with voltage of 8.7v, current of 1.85a and power of 16.14w, and start qc3.0 fast charging.

Charge Samsung note9, voltage 9V, current 1.5 A, power 13.49w, turn on AFC fast charge.

Charge Samsung S10 +, voltage 9V, current 1.62a, charging power 14.63w, turn on AFC fast charging.

To charge the iPhone XS max, the voltage is 5.13v, the current is 2.36a, the charging power is 12.15w, and the apple 2.4a fast charging is turned on.

To charge the iPhone XR, the voltage is 5.12v, the current is 2.16A, the charging power is 11.12w, and the apple 2.4a fast charging is turned on.

To charge the glory V20, the voltage is 4.78v, the current is 4.41a, and the charging power is 21.09w.

Charge Huawei mate 20 pro, voltage 4.69v, current 4.61a, charging power 21.67w, open Huawei SCP fast charging.

Charge glory 9, voltage 9V, current 1.74a, charging power 15.68w, open Huawei FCP fast charging.

Charge Meizu 16th, voltage 8.09v, current 1.71a, charging power 13.89w, open PE fast charging.

The voltage, current and power of iqoo are 5.11v, 1.86a and 9.55w respectively.

Charging test with type-A charging port is compatible with most mobile phones on the market. Only iqoo does not support fast charging. Unexpectedly, it supports PE fast charging.



Charge Xiaomi 9, voltage 9.12v, current 1.86a, charging power 17w, open PPS qc4 + fast charging.

Voltage range 3-11v, 0.02v step, maximum voltage 9.82v. Beisi's charging head can't activate Xiaomi 9 charge pump to charge quickly

Charge Samsung note9, voltage 9.06v, current 1.52a, charging power 13.78w, turn on PD fast charging.

Charge Samsung S10 +, voltage 9.07v, current 1.62a, charging power 14.69w, open PD fast charge. To charge the iPhone XS max, the voltage is 9.08v, the current is 1.98a, the charging power is 18W, and the PD fast charging is turned on.

To charge the iPhone XR, the voltage is 9.08v, the current is 2.01a, and the charging power is 18.34w.

Charge Huawei mate 20 pro with voltage of 9.07v, current of 1.76a and charging power

To charge glory 9, the voltage is 8.99v, the current is 1.73a, and the charging power is 15.6w.

Charge the 16th of Meizu, the voltage is 8.08v, the current is 1.74a, and the charging power is 14.08w.

The voltage, current and power of iqoo are 5.08v, 1.83a and 9.34w respectively.

Charge the new iPad pro, the voltage is 15V, the current is 1.85a, and the charging power is 27.83w.

Charge the Xiaomi air notebook, the voltage is 20V, the current is 1.82A, the charging power is 36.62w, and turn on the PD fast charging.

Under dual port charging, each charging port is locked at 5V and the maximum power is 10W I'll forgive Xiaobian for forgetting to take pictures. Later, I remembered that) type-C compatibility is still very good. It supports not only PD 3.0 but also PPS protocol.


Bess dual port charger has strong compatibility, compatible with common charging protocols on the market, including Huawei FCP / SCP, and can fast charge most mainstream mobile phones, because it uses type-A + type-C dual charging port, and also supports notebook and iPad Pro fast charging, which is a customized portable artifact.