Dozens of dollars can buy the car wireless charging, let you navigation, charging two not wrong!

Now we are basically the low-end mobile phone party
And for drivers
Turn on the navigation and answer the phone with your mobile phone on the road
It's inevitable
Sometimes it's hard to navigate or answer the phone while driving
Data cable car charger and mobile phone bracket
Naturally, it has become a just need product for drivers, especially when they need navigation to guide the route when driving out
At this time, the power of the mobile phone is more important
Although you can use the car's tortoise slow charging

But in addition to mobile phones, the car also has dash cam and other equipment

The car is full of all kinds of charging wires, which are very messy

It's easy to tear off if you're not careful, and it will affect the driving if you don't pay attention

Can I charge a mobile phone without a data line?

Answer: Yes!

Just follow the most popular wireless charging technology today

Today, I recommend a mobile phone best friend in the car

[MCAR ≠ vehicle charging of mobile phone bracket]

It combines the mobile phone holder with the wireless charger

With it, the problems brought by traditional vehicle charging can be solved in a unified way!


iPhone 12 charger port
Sensitive sensing, and putting the phone on can charge directly

Support the most mainstream technology of Qi wireless charging in the world

As long as it is a mobile phone that supports wireless charging, it can be used

Abandon the traditional cigarette lighter wiring

It is a more convenient USB connection method

Higher efficiency and better adaptability of transmission line

With it, you can save money for the support

Because it's a very reliable support in itself

iPhone Adapter

Retractor clips can hold 4-6.5-inch phones

The configured linkage retractor clip can firmly hold the mobile phone

Even after the deceleration belt and bumpy road surface will not fall
iPhone Adapter
The special groove design on the clip at the same time

It can ensure that the mobile phone body is not worn

One release lock, one take off and release

Even if you need to take a mobile phone while driving, it's very convenient

Support 99% of wireless charging models on the market

More models are also in sync updates