Dozens more expensive than ordinary products, can charge notebook, millet 100W car charger evaluation

For a copywriter like myself, I'm afraid of going on a long journey, especially driving on a business trip. Sometimes when I go to a far or partial place, I'm likely to stay in the car for a whole day. However, it's very embarrassing for some anxious copywriters to need temporary modification, because I can't keep the work finished. A few days ago, Xiaomi launched a 100W car charger. I immediately fell in love with it. I started decisively. Next, I have the following evaluation article.


As a product of Xiaomi, the packaging of this 100W car charger still adopts a simple style. The center position of the white founder box is the product picture. The classic orange Xiaomi logo in the upper left corner is marked with the main selling point of this product and the logo that supports 100W at the bottom. In addition, there is not much introduction on the front of the packaging.

The back of the package is the detailed parameters of this product. Through the parameter information, we can understand that the usb-a interface only supports 15W fast charging of 5v3a and 18W fast charging of 9v2a, while the type-C interface supports 100W fast charging. If the two ports output at the same time, the maximum support is only 68W, but it is enough to charge the notebook.

The picture above shows the family photo of the product. This time, Xiaomi gave away the charging cable with double type-C interface at random. After all, we don't usually use this kind of cable. Since we don't need to pay extra money to buy it separately.


Xiaomi's 100W car charger is not much different from most car chargers in appearance, and its size is not much different. The shape of the car charger is a cylinder, the cigarette lighter interface is slightly thin, the USB interface is slightly thick, inverted in a "convex" shape, and the cigarette lighter interface is printed with millet classic logo and some product parameters on one side.

On the other side is the environmental protection service life label of 5-year electronic information products. The body of Xiaomi 100W car charger adopts the imitation anode PC spraying process similar to frosting, which will reflect a non dazzling diffuse light with the sunlight. This kind of material has a smooth but not coarse quality feeling. In addition, the positive and negative anti-skid shrapnel of the car charge are made of manganese steel and brass, which are good-looking and anti-skid and wear-resistant by electroplating and blackening.

The interface of the car charger only has a red type-C interface and a usb-a interface. The light colored ring on the outside of the interface is a ring-shaped LED power indicator. Unfortunately, this 100W car charger only supports single port 100W fast charging function, that is to say, the type-C interface supports 100W fast charging, while the usb-a interface does not.

In addition, the ring LED power indicator has four colors, which are white in standby, green in low power, blue in medium power and gold in high power. Combined with the simple body, it gives people a very beautiful visual sense.
Feeling of using

The first problem is the compatibility of car chargers, because some car chargers adopt special shapes, which directly leads to the incompatibility. Xiaomi 100W car charger adopts the most traditional simple shape, which can be perfectly matched on two cars successively, and the ring LED power indicator is white, indicating that it is in standby mode.

Through the test, Xiaomi 100W car charger supports BC1 / Apple 2.4 fast charging protocol, Samsung AFC 5-12v fast charging protocol, Huawei FCP 5-9v fast charging protocol, Qualcomm qc3.05-12v and pd3.0 and other fast charging protocols. These protocols can basically cover all models in the market. Whether you are Android or apple, this car charger can provide fast charging function for it.

Charging the redmi k20pro with Xiaomi 100W car charger soon entered the charge turbo charge mode, and the ring LED power indicator of the car charger turned blue, which means that the car charger is in the medium power charging state. The charging speed is also very fast, charging 19% in 10 minutes, from 33% to 52%.

Afterwards, the laptop was charged with a 100 W Xiaomi car, which was also in the blue medium power state. It was very fast to charge from 88% to 98% in 10 minutes. Because there is no commemorative version of Xiaomi 10, it can't test the high power state. However, when the dual port is used at the same time, there is no problem in charging the notebook.

Write at the end

Although the high-power mode of Xiaomi 100W car charging has not been tested this time, the performance of this car charging is still very outstanding at present. It can give us an ideal charging speed for both mobile phone charging and notebook charging. Moreover, compared with ordinary products that don't support fast charging, this product is only tens of yuan more expensive. It costs dozens more to replace a car charger that can charge mobile phones and laptops at the same time. Isn't it fragrant?