Double coil bracket wireless charger starts at 45 yuan!

Since 2018, various manufacturers have added wireless charging technology to their flagship models. Due to low charging power and limited use scenarios, they were once regarded as chicken ribs by users. However, since last year, the major mobile phone brand manufacturers have been working hard on charging technology. Wired fast charging has been breaking new heights. 30W, 40W and 50W have been marching all the way to the current 65W, making charging half an hour and using all day a reality.


On the other hand, with the improvement of wired fast charging gradually reaching the turning point of cost-benefit, wireless charging technology began to be valued by various manufacturers, and wireless fast charging has also made considerable development. In 2020, the domestic wireless charging technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and a batch of high-power wireless charging technologies such as 27W, 30W and 40W have been commercialized one after another. With the vigorous promotion of wireless charging by manufacturers, the high-power wireless fast charging market is gradually formed. At the same time, the wireless charging function is further rooted in the hearts of the people, accelerating the popularization of wireless charging technology, and driving the development of peripheral accessories.


Charging head network also recently compiled a statistical summary of wireless fast charging mobile phones in 2020: a total of 132 models, statistics of the wireless charging mobile phones with receiving power of 7.5W and above on the market, does your mobile phone support wireless fast charging? Interested partners can click to find their own mobile phone. It can be seen from the table that in addition to several domestic head brands, the wireless fast charging power of most manufacturers is about 7.5W ~ 15W, which also shows that the domestic mobile phone brand technology is in the forefront of the world.


Today, the group purchase of charging head network comes to group purchase a 10W power wireless charger -- the bracket wireless charger of choetech. This product was well received by many small partners in the daily departure column in the early stage. Today, we joined the big car program, with the original price of 79 yuan. After receiving the exclusive coupon for group purchase of charging head network, we can get it at 45 yuan. Jingdong delivers the goods by itself, and the quality after sales is more guaranteed. Recently, Jingdong canceled the freight threshold, 45 yuan can be directly sent home.


iPhone Adapter

Compared with the traditional flat wireless charging board, many small partners prefer the vertical bracket wireless design, because the flat wireless charging is more functional. It has the function of mobile phone bracket, and can brush the mobile phone when charging, while the flat wireless charging is much less functional. This charger adopts vertical wireless charging design, increases the use of the scene at the same time, also put in two coils, can let your mobile phone standing charging and horizontal charging, so that wireless charging is no longer bound.

 iPhone Charger Adapter

In terms of parameters, it supports up to 10W wireless fast charging power, can intelligently identify Apple's 7.5W and Android's 10W wireless charging power, and is fully compatible with wireless charging mobile phones.


Charging head network has also had a detailed dismantling of this product, interested partners can click to enter the understanding.