Double 11 is still worried about choosing mobile phone accessories? Let's learn about these two wireless chargers first

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Since the release of the iPhone 11 series, it has been widely concerned and sought after. The increase of battery capacity has also resulted in the slow charging speed. Although the iPhone 11 Pro Series is equipped with the original PD fast charging charger, it's very hard to overcharge and unplug. Wireless charger has become a good thing to improve the charging link, which can effectively solve the problem that office workers often come to answer the phone message and need to plug in and out the charging line frequently. This time, I brought you two wireless chargers, which are sold in Apple's official mall. The white one should be the same as the one in Shanghai Pudong Apple retail store.

The picture below is taken at Apple retail store in Pudong, Shanghai

The reason for recommending these two models is that one can be used for ordinary charging, and the other can be used as a mobile phone stand for watching movies and video calls to meet different needs.

Appearance and details


There is no need to introduce the unpacking process, just look at the appearance.

Xuedi's Belkin wireless charger is pure black, which is more dirt resistant. There is a support seat under the main body of the wireless charger, which can't be removed.

The charging interface is located on the back of the wireless charger, using the micro-b interface.

The figure below is the appearance after the back is connected with the charging line. The anti-skid design is made around the support frame, so it can be firmly placed on the table, and there is no need to worry about the mobile phone falling due to the vibration of the mobile phone.

The regular version of the white, in addition to the bedside table in the bedroom is more comfortable, the younger brother also started the recently popular airports pro, just can use it to carry on the wireless charging to the airports pro. Belkin's product line has been doing very well. As can be seen from the figure below, there is a circle of anti-skid silica gel pad on the outside of the front of the wireless charger, which can ensure that the mobile phone will not move when it vibrates or touches unintentionally.

In addition to the parameters in the middle of the back, there are also four arc-shaped anti-skid rubber pads in the outer ring. In addition, it can be seen from the parameters that when the input power of the wireless charger is 10W, it supports the maximum 5W wireless charging.

There is a charging indicator light on the side of the wireless charger. This indicator light can not only prompt whether the wireless charging is in progress, but also prompt that there are foreign matters on the wireless charger. When there are metal objects such as coins on the wireless charger, the yellow light will be on.


After looking at the appearance, let's take a look at the accessories. In fact, the accessories of the two wireless chargers are the same, but the colors are different.

Both wireless chargers come with a manual, an adapter plug and an A2B charging cable. The adapter looks pretty. It doesn't give me the feeling of being cheap. The frosted plastic material feels comfortable. The maximum power of the adapter is 18W.

The quality of the charging cable is very good. The details and workmanship are of first-class level, but the micro-b interface makes me very uncomfortable.

Charging speed

Apple began to encrypt the fast wireless charging protocol of Apple mobile phone from ios13, and only apple officially approved (paid) can support the fast charging of Apple devices, which also makes the frequency conversion of many unauthorized brands return to 5v1a.

Because the two wireless chargers have the same power and charging speed, but they are slightly different in use, so this time I only tested the charging speed of one wireless charger. The younger students use the mobile phone to automatically turn off before charging test. When the mobile phone is turned off, they will not recognize the fast charging protocol, so the output power of the adapter is only about 4W, and the actual conversion to the mobile phone is only about 3.4W. After the mobile phone is turned on, they will recognize the fast charging protocol.

The output power of the charging adapter reaches 9.58w after the mobile phone is turned on, and the actual charging power of the mobile phone is about 7.3W. It takes 3 hours and 50 minutes to fully charge the iPhone 11 Pro Max when the phone is completely dead, which is much slower than the original PD fast charger and much faster than the 5v1a adapter.

user's experience

Belkin's vertical wireless charger can be used both vertically and horizontally, which can meet your different needs. For example, face ID can be unlocked in front of the charger, and video chat with family and friends can be done while charging.

While the horizontal display can play games (that is, the posture is a little tired), brush drama and watch movies. In short, there are many kinds of experience, which can be carried out according to your different needs.

This white wireless charger can't charge vertically or horizontally like the vertical one, but it can directly charge the airpods that support wireless charging, which is also very convenient to use. The price of these two chargers is the same, you can choose according to your own needs and preferences.

The ordinary base version can charge the airpods Pro directly, and the indicator light will be on when you put it in the battery compartment.

These two wireless chargers are compatible with Qi charging, but my younger brother's Samsung sent it home, otherwise you can test Qi's charging power and speed. Both wireless chargers have the function of foreign body identification. When foreign body is identified, the indicator light will be yellow. The vertical wireless charger indicator light is on the strong side, which is not easy to see. Such as charging with a shell (less than 3mm, except for metal shell), of course, these are all supported. Otherwise, it's hard to take off the protective cover every time charging. In addition, these two wireless chargers have a three-year warranty, and they are only replaced but not repaired. Compared with the one-year warranty of other brands, they are indeed more conscientious.

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These two wireless chargers are the two that I have the best experience in using. Why don't you upgrade your accessories while purchasing a new iPhone? Two different styles can meet your different needs. If you want to charge both the movies and the airplads, buy both.