Don't worry if you don't have electricity. A charger will help you travel all over the world

My friend Wang Lun. Recently, when planning to travel abroad, I asked him what he had prepared. He said that according to the online strategy, he had brought cash instant noodles and ten thousand power bank. Cash I understand, foreign countries have not yet universal scan code payment; Instant noodles are not used to foreign food; Old Ganma is a hamburger; What's the matter with 10000 power bank

It turns out that he heard that it's inconvenient to charge abroad, and he didn't share a power bank or something. The plug specifications are also different from those in China... For this kind of simple friend, I really have nothing to say. Only one power bank is enough for traveling abroad. As long as you bring this kind of charging head, you can "fully charge" all over the world!


On the back of the package are the specifications and parameters of the product.

Open the package, inside is a C to C data cable, three plugs, and a manual, warranty card.

The circumference of Zimi travel charger is 70.6 * 70.6 * 29.5mm, which is not small and heavy as a charging head. The appearance continues its own product ID, two-stage design. The upper part is made of micro frosted plastic material, which feels good and is not easy to leave fingerprints. The second part adopts piano baking process, which is very beautiful, dazzling, and even can be used as a mirror... But if you don't pay attention, it becomes a "fingerprint collector".

"I'm not very smart. I'll look in the mirror."

This is the plug three brothers, American plug, British plug and European plug.

See where you want to travel... Ah, not enough?

There are more than 200 countries in the world. You can go wherever you want!

The front of the charger is equipped with a foldable Zhonggui plug (American standard plug can also be foldable). Press and hold this slightly concave round pit, pull it out, you can drop the Zhonggui plug, and replace other plugs according to your own needs.

There is a groove on the back of each plug, which is to clamp the plug of various specifications on the purple rice charger by clamping the groove. After the card goes up, it's still relatively tight.

On the back of the charger are two usb-a ports and a type-C interface. Go out to play or need multi port charger, one obviously not enough. AAC is more inclusive than acc. There is no need to spend extra money to buy a new C-Port data cable.

Zimi travel charger, support 100-240V wide voltage, low voltage area is not afraid of charger does not work... Working temperature is 0 ~ 40 degrees, as long as not to iceberg or volcano, Zimi can become your faithful little partner, let your world journey more happy!


In terms of output, when the C port is used alone, it supports 15W, 27W and 45W, with a maximum output of 65W. It can support the fast charging of most flagship mobile phones, and it can also supply power to the ship's new version of notebook.

When multi port is used, C port supports up to 45W output. Two a ports are a bit miserable. When used alone, they can support 18W fast charging at most. When used together, they can add 18W. This design is also reasonable. Port a itself is not suitable for connecting high-power charging equipment, and 18 / 2 is basically enough!

It is worth mentioning that it only takes 28 minutes to fully charge the 4500ma mobile phone with the Zimi travel charger C! Using the original iPhone C to lighting cable, apple 12 can be provided with a maximum charging speed of 20W

I have used a lot of purple rice products for many years. I have bought both power bank and data cable. My biggest impression on it is its simplicity. There is no such outstanding appearance design (although it is not ugly), and the color is black and white (dark blue at most), but the workmanship and quality of the products are not to be said, and the price is affordable compared with the products of the same specifications.

Zimi 65W travel charger, I used for almost half a month, C port used to charge the iPhone 11, two a ports, put the iPhone 8 and Se, during the use of the charger did not find overheating, charging speed is very fast. It's more convenient to drag three. Many of the company's electrical appliances are German, the relative European standard socket usually no one can use, with purple rice, this is my exclusive socket!


I used it to charge my colleague's new notebook, macbook pro 2019, and sure enough, it's amazing. The development of science and technology is so convenient. The notebook can throw away the big power adapter. I want to buy a new notebook

Zimi 65W travel charger has very good workmanship. It has three AAC ports and a 65W output. It can meet the power demand of notebook, mobile phone and standby mobile phone when traveling. Compared with other competitive products, it has four replaceable plugs and can be applied to more than 200 countries around the world, which is unmatched by other chargers. Correspondingly, its price is a little higher. In addition, Tucao, please make complaints about the piano baking varnish.