Don't spend money on the data cable any more. Apple will replace the broken parts for free

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Thank you very much for opening this issue. Today's issue is about the cold knowledge of iPhone.

1、 Do you really understand the iPhone warranty policy?

I believe many small partners now own or more than one apple product. Here, we'll share some information about Apple's product warranty policy. Hope to help you better enjoy their rights and interests.


The warranty period of the iPhone is one year, so there is no need to emphasize it too much. Do you know that your phone accessories, such as data cable, earphone and charger, also have a one-year warranty? As we can see from the above figure, as long as there is a problem with the data cable, headset and charger attached to the iPhone, and the official staff of Apple has detected and confirmed that the fault is within the scope of warranty, you can replace the new accessories.


And your iPhone and accessories can enjoy warranty service after replacement and repair. If you still have 5 months remaining warranty period for your equipment, you will enjoy the remaining 5 months warranty period for the replaced parts and accessories. If your remaining warranty period is only one month, the parts and accessories you replace will have a 90 day warranty period from the date of repair or replacement.


2、 IPhone accessory is broken, how to replace it for free?


So the point is, in fact, you don't have to buy it online. During the warranty period, the hardware damage of Apple products can be repaired or replaced. The data cable provides free replacement service. The following is a detailed introduction to the specific method.


  1. Log in to the official website of apple in China and select "technical support" in the top menu bar of the website


iPhone 12 charger

  1. Choose the device you want to replace. If it's an iPhone, choose the iPhone. For the others, just choose according to the facts.


  1. Click "maintenance options". 4. After entering the maintenance page, drop down to the bottom and click "start maintenance"* This page details the related items and prices of iPhone maintenance. In fact, you can read it carefully. It is very helpful for the use of mobile phones in the future.


  1. Select the product category. 6. Then click "repair and physical damage" and select "replacement of headset, cable or USB adapter" under the pop-up page.

 Apple Charger Cable

  1. Select "self repair", fill in all kinds of information, and then take the broken iPhone accessories to the designated store to replace them with new ones. You can also search and download the "Apple support" app in the app store, and choose to replace the data cable through the mobile app. The steps are similar to those of the website.


Apple Charger Cable

3、 Special attention


  1. "Free replacement" can only be enjoyed during the warranty period;


  1. Please remember to bring your ID card and relevant purchase voucher (invoice, receipt, etc.) when you send them for repair;


  1. The damaged charger must be the original charger, the third party and Shanzhai, which will not be replaced;


  1. The charging head, data cable and earphone can be renewed;


  1. Must be physical damage, artificial damage will not be replaced, the staff check very carefully.