Don't rush to the iPhone 12. Are you ready for the charger? Evaluation of qcy charging head

Some people say that the iPhone is the weathervane of the mobile phone industry, what goes wrong. This is not true. Since the release of the iPhone 12, in order to adapt to the supporting data cable, various companies have launched the type-C interface charging head. It's said that the army hasn't moved and the food and grass are in the first place. Although I haven't started the iPhone 12 yet, it doesn't prevent me from choosing a suitable charger first. In line with the principle of cost performance, I finally chose qcy. Next, I'll share with you.

Qcy charging head adopts square packing box, from which we can see the appearance of the product. In addition to the appearance diagram, many features of the product are printed on the box, such as 20W high power and multi protocol compatibility, which are needed by users.


For such a common product, I thought there was only one charging head in the box. Unexpectedly, the manufacturer provided us with a manual, which was very thoughtful.

Qcy charging head and our common mobile phone charging head look the same, compared to the former smaller. The front end of the charging head is the plug part. We can see that it adopts a fixed design, that is, it can't be folded, but the volume is small, and it doesn't have much impact on our carrying.

Although the qcy charging head is also a square design, the edges and corners are treated, so it doesn't touch.


The connector of the charging head is located on the back. From here, we can see that it is different from the charging head we used before. The connector is smaller. Qcy adopts the type-C interface, which supports forward and backward blind insertion, which is more convenient than USB interface.

In order to test and use, based on the charging head, the author started with several data lines, of which type-C to type-C and type-C to lightning are nylon + metal materials, and USB to type-C is TPE material, which is easy to distinguish from the appearance.

Since I didn't have the iPhone 12 in my hand, I tested it with other models in my hand. As we all know, the charging power of Android mobile phones is increasing, ranging from 18W to 65W. Does this charger support fast charging? I took out the hands of the millet mix 2 test, the screen impressively printed with the words of fast charging, it seems that less than 20W can support the same. Then, I took out the iqoo Neo 855 version in my hand. This mobile phone supports 33W fast charging. From the lightning sign on the screen and charging efficiency, qcy also supports it.


Android is so friendly. What about iPhone? Although there is no iPhone 12, there are versions of previous generations. Change a data line, plug in the mobile phone, charging can be normal, it seems that there is no problem.


After these days of use, I am very satisfied with this charger. Qcy charging head not only has a small appearance, but also has a high power output of 20W. In addition, it has excellent compatibility. The most important thing is that it uses the type-C interface. If you buy the iPhone 12, you can use the data cable. Maybe you don't have a lot of type-C data cables, but I expect that mobile phones will use this interface in the future. After all, it's more convenient. Are you right?