Domestic charger incarnation transformers, change the shape of only one button, intelligent compatibility, multiple protection

A few years ago, when it came to wireless charging, it was still a black technology in the digital world. At that time, it was basically only foreign apple and Samsung mobile phones that supported wireless charging. In the domestic market, Xiaomi, Huawei and ov all began to launch their own wireless charging mobile phones, which promoted the wireless charging technology to enter the general public's attention these years.

Many official wireless charging devices have no advantage in price, so users begin to look for third-party products to replace them. Recently, I started a Banghua Boway Z1 folding wireless charger on Xiaomi products, which mainly focuses on wireless fast charging, vertical charging, intelligent compatibility and multiple protection. Let's share our experience with you.

Banghua Boway Z1 foldable wireless charger is packaged in black hard paper box and printed with front middle title page.

The interior of the packaging is partitioned, the Z1 folding wireless charger is on the top and the bottom is the charging line, surrounded by black foam cotton fixed protection.

The accessories include Banghua Boway Z1 foldable wireless charger, charging cable and operation manual.

The product is designed in two colors of cool black and elegant gray. It adopts a round design and is 120mmx15.4mm in size. It can be mastered by hand and is very portable for daily use. The appearance of the material is delicate, the important thing is not easy to stain fingerprints, feel good.

The front of the product is treated with matte surface, which is wear-resistant and dirt resistant for daily use, and it can be cleaned as soon as the ash falls.

There is a button on the top, which can open the charging board with one key. When it is closed, it only needs to press down to lock automatically, which is humanized and anti bounce. There is a type-C interface in the middle of the top side to connect the charging line.

The coil at the back charging board is separated from the circuit board, and a plurality of heat dissipation holes are designed, so that the internal heat is not easy to accumulate. Nearly 360 ° A circle of thin edge silicone rubber ring, can play the effect of anti-skid shock absorption, placed on the desktop more stable.

Take a look at the effect of the one click pop-up charging board, you can see that the whole process is very crisp, and it is convenient to store the charging board automatically.

The charging board can be adjusted up and down, front and back 30-70 degrees, and can be changed according to the size of your mobile phone. It supports the charging range of mainstream brand mobile phones in the market. In addition, this charger also supports smart phone system. Apple system automatically matches 7.5W fast charging, and Android system matches 10W fast charging, so as to avoid battery damage or safety risk to different power mobile phones when charging.

If you don't pop up the charging board, you can also use it as a wireless charger base. And with the shell can also charge, sensing distance within 5mm can realize wireless charging, so you take great care of the mobile phone, do not need to take off the outside of the mobile phone shell every time, more convenient.

Banghua Boway Z1 foldable wireless charger has built-in MCU and charging management IC chip, which supports multiple protection functions such as short circuit protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, over temperature protection, over power protection, under voltage protection, electromagnetic field protection, foreign matter protection, overcharge protection, etc., to ensure the safety of the whole charging process without damaging the equipment. The wireless charger has built-in indicator light, which is always on or flashing according to the charging status, placement position, circuit condition and foreign body detection of the mobile phone, to remind you to pay attention!

Through the multi angle adjustable charging board, Banghua Boway Z1 foldable wireless charger can be changed into vertical charging in one second, and the mobile phone can be charged horizontally and vertically, so that you can charge and brush the drama!

Banghua Boway Z1 foldable wireless charger adopts humanized pop-up charging board design, intelligent recognition of mobile phone, matching different power, and adjustable through up and down height, front and back 30-70 degrees, which is convenient for you to use mobile phone to view messages when charging. Plus good heat dissipation, multiple protection and indicator light intelligent reminder, if you want to buy a wireless charger, you might as well try this!