Doesn't Xiaomi's car wireless charger smell good? Why buy Huawei's car wireless charger?

I've bought both of them, including the wireless car charger of the two families and the wireless home charger base. I'll tell you clearly that although both families say they support the Qi agreement, they can only charge, and the fast charger only supports their own

So, you can buy any brand of mobile phone you use. The mixed charging is too slow

40W car charging 299, as long as I have the goods, I will immediately dispose of my Xiaomi 20W wireless car charging 69. It's not a matter of fragrance. It's not connected to Mi's home. A single item has no stickiness. In fact, 20W is fast. If 40W, I'm excited to think about it.

I'll go and write the answer. I'll go to Taobao and get ready to fork. I see that wireless is only 27W, 299 is too expensive. 40W is wired charging, and the price is cheap. To tell you the truth, one price one goods, which is more obvious in the fully competitive market of electronic products.

Socket: Xiaomi single port, Huawei dual port
iPhone 12 charger port
Peak power: Xiaomi 15 ~ 18W, Huawei 20 ~ 45W, that is to say, Huawei charges faster than Xiaomi

Input voltage: Xiaomi 12V, Huawei 12V / 24V

Output current: below 2.1a for Xiaomi, 3.1a ~ 4.7a for Huawei

Charging type: Xiaomi ordinary fast charging, Huawei super fast charging

Apple Cable

Just look at these data comparison, Huawei car charger performance is much better, can also meet the charging demand.

In terms of price, Huawei 299 and Xiaomi 189 are more expensive than 110, but the cost performance is not necessarily low. For those who pursue the quality of electronic products, Huawei can be chosen; for those who are price sensitive, Xiaomi can be chosen.

Of course, there are many other excellent car chargers, such as Philips, Newman, bull and so on.

At present, the charging of cars on the market can be divided according to the fast charging agreement.

iPhone 12 charger port

Type I: ordinary car charger, that is, car charger with only 5 gears, partially supports Apple's 2.1a and 2.4a modes

Category II: QC fast charging protocol, which is also the most popular protocol in the market. In other words, there are many models of mobile phones with QC fast charging, and there are many choices of car charging.

Three categories: support both QC and iPhone compatible product protocols.

Four types: other Android fast charging protocols, such as Huawei FCP and SCP, OV's vooc and dash, and MediaTek's pump Express (Meizu's mcharge is also based on this protocol).

Five categories: usb-c port car charger.

See the introduction below for details.

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