Does the car battery charger always hurt the car battery?

Now more and more auto parts, car charger as a common auto parts. Will it hurt the car battery if we plug the car charger into the cigarette lighter all the time? The answer is that there is no harm under normal ignition, but it will be a little bit after flameout.

The 12V cigarette lighter interface reserved for the car can be used normally for a long time. The car charger or docking station using the transformer itself does not consume power. Even if some products have small LED bulbs, it has no effect. The power consumption of this kind of small lamp bead is generally very small at 0.06w. Therefore, even if the car is plugged in and charged all the time when the engine is off, it will not be affected, and the cigarette lighter is not normally charged, and it will automatically power off after the key is removed from the vehicle, and it will not affect the battery. However, using the car charger after the engine is off and without power off will damage the battery, especially when some high-power car appliances are used with small ampere batteries. This kind of matching will easily lead to battery loss soon So that the car can not start normally, and after the loss of electricity, each time the parallel line to the battery is more or less some damage.

If we use the car charging in driving, there will be no problem, because the power supply after we start the vehicle is directly supplied by the generator, which has nothing to do with the battery; if the battery is short of electricity, the generator efficiency will increase, and the synchronization will charge the battery of the vehicle, and only some electrical appliances in the vehicle will use electricity after the battery is full, which will not hurt the car, and the fuel consumption will hardly increase.

The power of automobile generator is generally between 1200-1500 watts. As long as we pay special attention not to use too high power electrical appliances at cigarette lighting outlets, such as car kettle and car refrigerator, it is no problem. If we want to use this kind of high-power electrical appliances, it is recommended to cooperate with 220 V inverter to fuse in time before the line overload to ensure safety.

As one of the most popular auto parts, car charger will be eliminated if it hurts the car, so we can use it safely and don't care too much. However, there is a USB interface left in the original car, or the USB interface directly fixed in the central control panel or armrest box in some models is not recommended to charge the mobile phone or tablet. The function of this interface is [audio and video data transmission], and it is used to plug in the U disk to listen to music and watch TV. The current is very small, and even charging is extremely inefficient and easy to cause overload.