Does magnetic charger charge fast? Does it work?

At present, most of the magnetic chargers support 15W fast charging, which is much higher than the previous 5W wireless power bank.

However, it still depends on what kind of mobile phone you are. For example, the iPhone 12 can be compatible with 15W magnetic suction wireless charging. Other mobile phone models do not support magnetic suction charging at present.

Now I use the magnetic charger, the South card magnetic wireless charging pow3, which can support the 15W magnetic wireless charging of the iPhone 12. I feel that the charging is very fast, much faster than the previous 5W wireless charging.
iPhone 12 charger port
If it is good, it depends on the individual. Like I like it, you can absorb the charge by putting it on the magnetic suction charging cell phone. Moreover, the magnetic suction is very stable and the charging is stable. The subject can go and see. It's OK.

Individuals divide magnetic absorption into three categories

The first is a large-scale normal magnetic suction contact charger, such as the old MacBook magnetic charger, whose charging power is more than 40 watts, and its attenuation is very small, and the charging is very good

And then, for example, the charger for the millet Watch
cond is a large-scale normal magnetic absorption wireless charger

For example, apple Watch
iPhone 12 charger port
The safety is still relatively high, but the speed is not flattering. After all, the coil will lose power

The third is the small factory's rough magnetic charger

The example is a magnetic charger on sunset

Is this safe? Two electric shocks are exposed outside, don't the phone be hot?

It's not fast. Experience tells you, the copper wire in this charging line is very thin, the phone is hot at most when charging. Now it is very slow to use this wire.

In conclusion, it is suggested to compare the purchase of large-scale magnetic absorption charger. Take iPhone 12promax as an example. Generally, there are three charging modes, one is to use 5v1a old charger to charge, and the power is powered up to 5W; The second can use Apple original Kwai charger, charging power can reach 20W. The third can be charged with magnetic absorption fast charger, the charging power can reach 15W. The charging speed of the three methods is compared: original quick charging > magnetic suction fast charging >5v1a old charge.

If you are charging while playing and without affecting the hand feeling experience, it is recommended to use magnetic suction fast charging. Two types of magnetic fast charging are recommended for you, which is suitable for Apple's high-color magnetic absorption fast charging:

Magnetic absorption fast charging for Apple & Android:

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