Does Huawei's reduced charger affect the terminal?

In recent days, there was feedback from members of all provinces: Huawei informed you that some products in the later stage will no longer be equipped with chargers.

The first reaction is that it's learning from apple.

However, Huawei has already expected this, so it repeatedly reminds you of the following:

We are not allowed to say that learning friends and business! We are not allowed to say the words "reduce the distribution" and so on!

What does that say?

To say that the tall ones can only be removed in order to support the environmental protection industry. If they need to, they can be purchased separately.

Is it still learning from friends and merchants? Because it is not Apple's excuse to say something about green and environmental protection!

Apple, Huawei, or,

If the charger saves money back to consumers, let consumers buy at a cheaper price, then this "green environment" is meaningful for consumers;

If the charger saves the cost into the manufacturer's pocket, this kind of environmental protection excuse is insulting the IQ of consumers and dealers.

Like "the emperor's new clothes", we don't speak without seeing that the emperor is running naked, but not breaking it. Follow it to himself and act alone, because it is the emperor.

Andersen's fairy tales are representative. Some people or enterprises have been in the "upper position" for a long time, and they always like to fool the public intelligence with self-esteem

In fact, as early as Apple announced that it would reduce the charger, everyone is guessing when the domestic mobile phone will follow.


iPhone Adapter

Because Apple has always been the wind vane of the mobile phone industry.

Apple makes built-in batteries, and everyone is brave enough to make them.

Apple is an ecological, and everyone is desperately developing ecology.

Apple headphone hole is cancelled, and everyone also makes the headphone hole disappear.

Although domestic mobile phones have been shortening the gap with apple, apple is, objectively speaking, the leader of the industry.

But when Apple does not send headphones, Xiaomi continues to follow up firmly. Huawei and ov are still relatively reserved, but the low-end headphones are cancelled. High end products are still provided with headphones.

iPhone Charger Adapter

In fact, the earphone attached by the manufacturer has a very low production cost. It is not too much to send or not to the cost. Therefore, each manufacturer is slightly different.

When Apple announced the cancellation of the charger, when does the domestic phone follow the wind to copy, it is only a matter of time, months later.

Especially after Xiaomi first ate crabs, Huawei's follow-up action is likely to happen at any time.

In particular, on the official website of CQC, we saw Huawei re connect to the network for mate40 and Nova and 8, and clearly indicated that it was necessary to reduce the allocation of charging head,

So, the rest is just one official announcement of Huawei.

Due to partial cancellation of charger, Huawei nova8 and mate40 are all re connected to the network to conduct the flow of charging head for the reduction and distribution.

As for the purpose of creating momentum, many Huawei marketing outlets are playing sad cards. It is said that due to the limited chip and the shortage of charging IC, the charger has been cancelled.

It makes people laugh and laugh.

Huawei's cell phone chips are more intense. According to this logic, it can simply cancel the mobile phone, which is more green and environmental protection.

In fact, some things are not as good as being directly said, but they are sincere.

It is very disgusting to find a bad excuse to make a full and full circle.

There is only one platform product for the manufacturers of 5 nanochips worldwide. There are many charging IC manufacturers.

The three largest Gan suppliers in the world are power integration semiconductor and innosecco, among which innoseco is a domestic enterprise, let alone st, Ti, Infineon and other manufacturers.

Besides, chip control IC is self researched by Huawei hiss. Since its release in 2020, there is sufficient inventory and there is no shortage.

For nearly half a month, I often ask some store managers and sales questions:

If you cancel the charger, how much will it affect the sales?

The answer is almost the same: there should be no impact. We say that saving money and avoiding waste can make consumers better accept it.

Most of them answered me with such confidence.

For terminal judgment, they may be the real voice holders. Since they are so confident, I think that Huawei's downsizing this time should not have much impact on the terminal.

Just as Huawei's low-end products do not send headphones, consumers are slightly unhappy, but they are used to it soon.

However, unlike headphones, for mobile phone manufacturers, the production cost of almost 65 watt or more Gan chargers is still very high. Therefore, the desire of manufacturers to reduce the filling head is obviously greater than that of headphones.

At present, the main manufacturers of 65 watt Gan Gan charger have hard cost of about 75 yuan-85 yuan

If Huawei's reduction and distribution head is recognized by the market rapidly, it may be that OV and other manufacturers will speed up the follow-up.


In the future, it is possible that there is no charger in the package for mobile phones.

For the majority of end operators, it may be a good thing for manufacturers to reduce the charger.

Because if all brands don't send chargers, consumers can only accept it and sales will not be affected by any.

In this way, the terminal can sell chargers, and a profit growth point.

In general, the reduction of charger should be more beneficial than bad.