Does Apple need both cable and charger to realize fast charging?

IPhone 8 and above support fast charging of USB PD protocol.

Charger to buy a 18W is enough, many third-party manufacturers have.

For example, Zimi, lvlian, etc., you can read the instructions or ask customer service if they support PD fast charging technology before purchasing.

In terms of data line, the fast charging technology of USB PD protocol used by iPhone needs CC lines (CC1, CC2) to transmit handshake signal.

You can simply understand that these two wires are the data between the mobile phone and the charger, such as whether to start the fast charging, and how many volts to start the fast charging.

So we need a native usb-c to lightning data cable. It's useless for you to use usb-c to usb-a and then connect iPhone with ordinary data cable, because there is no CC cable in the ordinary data cable (usb-a to lightning).

The usb-c to lightning line also has a lot of third-party reproduction authorized by apple. I personally recommend aenzr, purple rice, OPSO and other brands. Aenzr's braid is the best.

In short, if you want to use the fast charging of iPhone, you need to purchase a charging head supporting PD protocol and a usb-c to lightning data cable.