Does anyone recommend a few fully functional type-C cables?

1、 First, how to choose. In addition to the lightning cable or support USB 4 wire, other can be so selected.

  1. See if there are 24 gold terminals in the male of type-C cable. At a glance, the dense ones support high-speed data and 5A high current. If there are only 14 or 16 cells, it can support USB 2.0 and 5A high current fast charging (the removed terminal is for high-speed data). If there are only 6 pins, it is recommended not to buy them, and there is a high probability that they will have problems with the mother seat.
  1. Check whether the shell of type-C male end is riveted. The riveted joint industry is mature and simple, but there is a risk of fracture at the riveted joint. Most low-end lines like to use this kind of joint (Samsung uses riveted joint, but laser spot welding is added at the riveted joint, which greatly improves the stability). Choose the one with no male head and no gap on the surface.
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The above two characteristics are basically in line with a qualified type-C wire. The better wire is nothing more than better electromagnetic shielding inside the wire. The wire will be thick and look good quality.


There are many typc-c wires on the market. According to different functions, they can be divided into the following types:

Type-C charging cable only supports charging function;

The type-C data cable supports charging and data transmission;

Full function type-C data cable supports fast charging, data transmission and video transmission;

In addition to functions, when selecting type-C wire, we should also pay attention to whether the charging power / protocol and interface transmission standard supported by the product match the equipment.

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The above figure shows the usb-c Gen2 full-function dual type-C data cable, which not only supports pd100w fast charging and 1000mb / s data transmission, but also can transmit the mobile phone picture to the display, realizing 4K high-definition projection.


Thunderbolt 3 cable 40Gbps transmission 5K HD USB double head typec public to public charging for Huawei IMAC apple pro15 sound card

 iPhone Charger Cable

If you need a full-functional data cable, cable Jun thinks that at present, lightning 3 is the first choice. It not only has a powerful transmission speed, but also can realize more audio and video functions, with 100W power supply, 5K resolution visual effect and 40Gbps transmission rate, which is no faster than it.Conclusion: the common C-to-C cable can't be used to expand the video (including the original apple notebook and domestic mobile phone), and the cable to be expanded needs to be bought separately.