Do you need another charger for iPhone 12? Where can I buy Apple original charger?

Have you got your iPhone 12 yet? Are you looking for a full network charger? Apple's total cancellation of chargers on new mobile phones is also the first in the mobile phone industry. When the new machine arrives, you can either find an old 5v1a ordinary 5W charger and continue to endure slow charging. The iPhone 12 doesn't come with a charging head, but it also supports 20W fast charging. So starting with a fast charging charger is an inevitable choice.
Now the question is, which charger is better for iPhone 12?

If you want me to say that it's too troublesome, it's not difficult, it's not bad for money, it's official and original, isn't it fragrant?
What do you recommend for a third-party charger suitable for iPhone 12?
There are a lot of iPhone users, so many manufacturers have launched chargers that are less than 100 yuan for iPhone at the first time. Among them, Anker, lvlian and Pinsheng are most concerned by users.
Lvlian pd20w charger
I personally like the brand of lvlian. The toughened film, charger and earphone I bought are very good.
Lvlian pd20w charger, MFI certified, supports the full series of fast charging of iPhone 8-12, and has CQC + 3C China double certified power supply to ensure the safety of charging.
Anker Apple fast charging nano pd20w charger

Why do we always mention Anker charger when it comes to iPhone 12? Many people have never heard of this brand. However, if you find it on Apple's official website or exclusive stores, Anker is the third-party accessory provider of Apple's official cooperation.

The volume of Anker's nano pd20w charger is basically the same as that of the traditional 5v1a (ordinary 5W charger), but the charging speed is increased by three times. Moreover, the built-in chip of the same brand of Apple ensures the health of mobile phone battery while charging quickly.

The key point is that the price of this Anker 20W charger is only half of the original price, which is a good choice without choosing the official original charger.
Will fast charging damage the mobile phone?
Anker's unique powerlo 3.0 technology not only improves the charger's compatibility, but also can automatically adjust the current; when the mobile phone has low power, it intelligently turns on the fast charging mode for high-speed charging; when the mobile phone is nearly full, it automatically switches to the sliding current charging to protect the battery health.
Pinsheng pd20w charger type-C charging head

PISEN is a professional mobile power supply, all kinds of rechargeable batteries, mobile phone accessories manufacturers. This Pinsheng pd20w charger is suitable for iPhone, iPad, Huawei, Samsung and most of the fast charging models on the market. It can meet the fast charging needs of a variety of devices for the whole family. When you go out, it is enough to bring a charger, which is relatively more cost-effective.
Excellent current scheme, automatically identify and match the current of access equipment, fast full charge when low power, trickle power supply when fast full, power supply does not damage the battery.
Whether you choose the official standard 20W fast charging or the third-party fast charging, you must choose the charger with Apple's official certification and choose a big brand, which is more secure.
Good charging habits
In the process of daily charging, try not to overshoot. For example, when you go to bed at night, keep your phone charging all night. When the actual power is less than 20%, charge in time.
As far as possible to keep the phone power between 20% - 80%, do not overcharge, do not over discharge, to ensure the phone battery health.
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