Do you need another charger for iPhone 12?

Let's first draw a conclusion: before Apple charger and data cable, don't worry about bold use. If it's not a combination of PD 20W or above charger and c2l charging cable, charging will be slower, but it won't hurt the battery.

The previous chargers are divided into three types. One is the combination of 5v1a charging head + usb-a to lightning Apple data cable. This kind of charging is relatively slow, about 80% in three hours, and it takes more than four hours to fully charge.

The second is the combination of PD fast charging head and usb-c port to lightning data cable, which can achieve fast charging effect. The charging amount can reach more than 50% in 30 minutes and about 90% in one hour, as shown in the figure below:

Third, if you have a charging head that supports apple 2.4a at home and can output the apple 2.4a charging protocol, you can improve the charging efficiency to 12W together with the original A-port cable, which is about twice as high as the 5v1a charging efficiency. Recommended reading: how to improve the charging efficiency of Apple mobile phone without PD fast charging

If you have a 18W fast charging head for iPhone 11 pro or iPhone 11 Pro max, or a 30W fast charging head for iPad pro, you can achieve the second fast charging effect together with the apple data cable of usb-c.

If there is no 12W charging head supporting apple2.4a or PD fast charging head, it is recommended to buy a 20W PD fast charging head. After all, fast charging can greatly improve the convenience of use, and the so-called damage to the battery can be ignored. The specific purchase suggestions are as follows:

If you plan to buy wireless charging "MagSafe", it will be better to choose apple's original factory to use the experience. Other third parties and MagSafe cooperate with each other and feedback that all kinds of experience are not good at present;

Small and mini, good quality, recommend Anker, apple chip with the same factory;

Conventional size, the pursuit of cost-effective, with purple rice or lvlian such large factories;

Under MagSafe, the output of wireless fast charging of iPhone 12 can reach about 15W, so the user who likes wireless charging can try it. If you are used to charging while playing, the recommendation of MagSafe will be further reduced, because the heating of mobile phone will further reduce the charging power. Recommended reading: Apple Wireless magnetic suction charging MagSafe strategy (continuous update)

About the purchase of Apple mobile phone PD fast charge, recommended reading: Apple mobile phone PD fast charge strategy (continuous update)