Do you need an extra charging cable and head to buy the iPhone 12?

As a result, many recent buyers find that they can't use the charger immediately. If they happen to have no charger at home, they have to buy another one, so they may have to wait a few more days and spend little extra money, But after getting the new machine, it's very uncomfortable that it can't be used immediately.

Sort out the related issues for your reference

1、 Are there no chargers in all the packages of iPhone 12 sold through various channels?

yes. Whether it's Apple's official website, or Jingdong, tmall and all other online and offline channels, the iPhone 12 doesn't come with a charging head in its packaging box.

2、 Does the iPhone 12 come with a charging cable?

Yes, it comes with a charging cable [1], but it should be noted that one end of the interface of this cable is usb-c (sometimes called type-C) interface, and the other end is lighting interface. The charger with the most common USB interface (the small white block that used to be attached to the iPhone) does not match. It needs a charger with usb-c interface to work.

But in other online and offline channels outside Apple's official website, when buying the iPhone 12 series, many of them will come with a third-party quick charger (because the price is not expensive, it's usually only tens of yuan).

3、 If you don't buy the iPhone 12, do you buy the previous model with a charger in the package?

Sub situation:

If you buy it on Apple's official website, now all the models are not attached, which is easy to be ignored, so you must pay attention to it

If it is in other channels, these two kinds of packaging (with or without charging line) are generally delivered randomly. Whether you can receive the one with charger depends on your life

4、 Can I use the USB charger (small white box) that I bought before to charge the iPhone 12 with the charging cable I bought when I bought the iPhone 12?

No, as I said before, the interface between the charger and the charging cable doesn't match. It can't be plugged in at all.

5、 If you don't use the charging cable attached to the iPhone 12, can you charge the iPhone 12 completely with the previous USB interface charger and the original charging cable?

Yes, but the original charger and charging cable do not support fast charging, so the charging speed will be relatively slow.

6、 If I have a MacBook with a usb-c interface, can I use it to charge my iPhone 12?

Yes, but the charging speed is slower than that.

Sometimes when you go out and forget to bring a charger, it's a good emergency to charge your iPhone with a MacBook.

7、 Can I charge my iPhone 12 with a MacBook or iPad charger (usb-c interface)?

Yes, and the charging speed is very fast.

8、 Can I charge the iPhone 12 with an Android phone or other third-party charger (usb-c interface)?

In theory, as long as the interface is matched, the iPhone 12 can be charged. If it supports PD fast charging protocol, it also supports faster charging.

9、 Can you recommend some chargers for iPhone 12?

Finally, it is summarized as follows

You don't need to buy a charging cable. The charging head depends on the situation

If you have a charger and cable that came with your iPhone:

Can accept slower charging speed, you can not buy

If you have to charge fast, you need to buy an extra charger to support fast charging

If you have a MacBook or iPad at home, and the charger is a type-C interface, you can also use it to charge the iPhone 12, and the speed is not slow:

If it is acceptable for all devices to use the same charger alternately, there is no need to purchase additional chargers

If you need to use multiple devices at the same time, you need to buy an extra charger for your iPhone

If you have a wireless charger at home, you can also charge your iPhone 12 without having to buy an extra charger (though it's slower)

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