Do you know how to choose to buy mobile data cable?

The data cable of mobile phone is one of the most frequently used mobile phone accessories, because some people like to plug in the computer or power bank to charge, and the frequency of using data cable even exceeds that of charging head. Due to the development of WiFi and mobile Internet, the function of mobile data cable has been reduced to just charging. Basically, only brushing can use the function of data transmission. At present, the data cable in the market is fishy eyed, and the products range from 3 yuan to 100 yuan. How to buy a data cable suitable for our use? Let's talk about this today.

[wire rod should not be ignored]


Most people are less concerned about the wire of the data cable, and most of them are more concerned about the color. At present, there are three kinds of wires on the market, PVC, TPE and nylon braiding. Among them, PVC is the first choice for many electronic products. Because of its advantages of not easy to burn, high strength and not affected by the environment, PVC has occupied the electronic wire Market for more than ten years, and low price is its biggest advantage. At present, we have purchased low-cost data cables on platforms such as pinduoduo and Taobao, which are basically made of this material. In fact, high price data cables also use this material, mainly to balance costs. Generally, there is no problem in choosing this material. TPE and nylon woven materials are products launched in recent years. Compared with PVC, the toughness and elasticity of TPE are improved a lot, and it is not easy to wind. The key is environmental protection. Now, basically, some high price third-party data cable and mobile phone original data cable will use this material, after all, the profit is still the first. Nylon braided material is a solution to balance performance and price, which is more solid, good-looking, and relatively environmentally friendly. At present, only third-party data cables will be used. For consumers, pay attention to the material, we suggest TPE > nylon knitting > PVC.


[choose according to habit]

Some articles about the data cable often mention the length of the data cable. Theoretically, the shorter the data cable is, the better the charging effect is; The longer the data cable is, the more influence it will have on the data cable itself, charging equipment and battery. But for users, this gap is not extremely obvious. If it is only the difference of length, the other is the same, and its impact is negligible. Some users can't use a long data cable. In fact, the quality is not good. It's the same for short lines. Therefore, we think that the length of the data cable can be in accordance with the usage habit. 1m and 1.2m are the golden length of the data cable. It's too short to use, and it's too long and inconvenient. But if you can only use 3M, you have to buy it, right?

Is thickness the key


The thickness of the data cable is really critical. The thickness of the wire is determined by the internal line. If the internal line is very thin, it is impossible to use the thick line outside, otherwise it will be shriveled and meaningless. Relatively speaking, the internal structure of  data cable is four kinds of lines: charging line, ground wire, data D + and data D -. We often see that some data cables are very thin. In fact, there are only charging lines and ground wires. There is no data cable. The function of this kind of line is only charging, and it can't transmit data. Data cable thickness, there is a more practical function is not easy to knot. Therefore, we suggest that the thicker the data cable, the better.

[do you know all about interfaces]

At present, in addition to the USB interface at the end of the charging head, there are mainly three kinds of interfaces for connecting the mobile phone: Apple's Lingning lightning interface, micro USB interface, and the popular type-C interface.


Apple's Lingning lightning interface is basically Apple's iPhone series mobile phones and iPad in use, and the market demand is very large. One thing to pay attention to is Apple's MFI authentication. Due to the lack of MFI certification chip, many data cables will pop up after using for a while (about a month), and the data cables will be scrapped directly. Therefore, when purchasing this kind of data cable, you must choose products with MFI certification. Many third parties have MFI with or without MFI. You must pay attention to it when purchasing. In the figure below, there is no MFI authentication chip on the left and another chip needs to be used to cheat the MFI authentication of the device. On the right is the standard MFI authentication chip.

There are fewer and fewer mobile devices with microusb interface, and they are basically concentrated in new Android phones and old Android phones that do not support fast charging. But in other electronic devices, such as wireless charging boards that don't support fast charging, low-end power bank, Bluetooth headset, e-cigarette and other electronic products that don't need data transmission, they are usually equipped with relatively short and very thin pure charging wires.

The type-C interface is a hot data cable at present. It will be used in middle and high-end Android mobile phones, power bank, some laptops and even some intelligent devices. It can realize fast charging and high-speed data transmission. It is the main interface in the next few years. Choose this kind of interface data cable, the quality must be better, poor quality data cable can not meet the requirements, there is no need.

[strange data cable]

In the market, a kind of data cable has been very popular, that is, one dragging three. In the past, Apple's 30 pin wide interface, Lingning interface and microusb interface were the main interfaces for one to three; Now it's the Lingning interface, the microusb interface and the type-C interface. Our suggestion is that if you don't use this interface for customers, you'd better not use it yourself. It will affect the power. This kind of "one drag three" definitely has no MFI certification, and the lightning interface will be scrapped soon. It's not recommended.

At present, there is also a popular data cable, which is magnetic suction data cable, that is, plug the charging port into the data cable connector, and then connect the data cable and the connector by magnetic suction. The biggest advantage of this is that with one data cable, you can connect different electronic devices in your home, which is more stable than one drag three. Although there are not many negative reports about this kind of data cable, we still don't recommend buying it.


Maybe we are more traditional, or we want to be more stable. We recommend that our friends who use Apple devices use data cables with MFI certification, TPE material and line length of about 1m; It is recommended that type-C users use thick lines and well-made lines with large brands. After all, the current devices using type-C interface are medium and high-end products; Microusb users are recommended to use the charging cable made of TPE with good brand reputation and without data function. The most important thing is to use big brands with good reputation, such as bull, Newman, Nanfu, Zimi and so on. For your own safety, don't choose the platform of pinduoduo or Taobao, which costs 10 yuan and 3 yuan. This is our advice!