Do you have smart glasses? Is he good for your eyes

There is no definite definition of smart glasses, and there is no product on sale. However, from the test version of Google glasses, smart glasses are products that integrate monitors, cameras, CPUs and networking devices into glasses.

Smart glasses have the following core functions.

Just watch and shoot. Any time and place can be convenient to take photos and videos, more secretive. But also because of the invasion of privacy and incurred criticism.

Stay connected at all times. Not limited by the mobile phone, you need to bow to operate, providing convenience for many occasions. Such as: driving, talking, sports.

The extended function of watching and shooting: dynamic visual field analysis. When you look at an unknown object or a stranger, search for relevant information synchronously.

There's so much to do with smart glasses., Smart glasses can complete the functions of listening to music, watching video, adding schedule, map navigation, shooting, video call with friends through voice or action control, making our life more convenient.

Bose intelligent audio glasses is a kind of audio sunglasses, which can be used to listen to songs, answer and make calls with sunglasses. The principle is that a miniature loudspeaker and microphone are inserted into the leg of the sunglasses, and the direction of the sound is just to the ear. Therefore, wearing sunglasses, the ear can feel the listening experience similar to a speaker. It is a new product of Bose.

You can listen to songs on your mobile phone by wearing Bose smart audio glasses and connecting with your mobile phone through Bluetooth. Because there is no plug in the ear, it can not only listen to music, but also receive the sound from the outside world, which is much better than closed headphones. And only you can hear it. People around you can't hear the sound coming from the legs of the mirror. Functions such as music playing and pause, phone answering and hang up are completed by an independent button on the right side of Bose smart audio glasses.

If you are in the habit of wearing sunglasses for shading and headphones for listening to music, you can try Bose's new product: intelligent audio glasses to explore the functions of intelligent glasses. This new way of listening to music may make you like it~

However, it's for wearing ~ ~ as a joke, according to the previous Microsoft Press Conference and the 2016 CES conference, many smart glasses have been met with the public. Microsoft's hololens, meta glasses, Epson's mbt2000, realmax smart glasses and ODG's R-7 are all new smart glasses. These devices are very cool when they are introduced, It is said that it can bring earth shaking changes to consumers in daily life. Designers don't need to modify the shape of products step by step. They only need to bring smart glasses to modify the virtual products; Workers don't need to look down at the manual any more. They go step by step according to the text in the book. They wear smart glasses and can complete the operation according to the prompts of the system, just like computer games; Mothers don't need to worry about the quality of the food they buy any more. They can know the freshness and pesticide residue of the food they buy by wearing glasses. At present, the functions of these glasses are very powerful and have many uses. Among them, there is a great realmax team. They are all year old heroes in various fields. Together, they form such a powerful team. Realmax glasses can fully solve many problems in real life.