Do you care about the data cable interface protection shell? That's the conscience of the manufacturer

Data cable is the most unimportant part of all mobile phone accessories. Many users even use interface types to distinguish them. In fact, there are many ways to use data cable. If the data cable is carefully split, it should be composed of six basic parts: outer wire, shielding layer, wire core, chip, protective shell and interface. Like a drag three data cables, there is a splitter; And like some cheap data cables, it is possible to remove the shielding layer, or even the chip. Do you know which part we usually touch most? It's the interface protection part! What we are talking about here is the interface area for connecting the mobile phone, not the USB part.

Because every time we plug and unplug the data cable, the most we touch is the protective shell of the interface part. Maybe some friends like to pull the wire directly, but when inserting it, they must hold the protective shell part. As for the magnetic data cable, let's go back and talk about it separately. The handle of the protective case will directly determine the comfort of our normal charging. In fact, many manufacturers have noticed this problem. Whether it's the design of fishtail pattern, the magnetic suction design of wanghong, or the new wanghong that can be directly reconnected by cutting off the damaged parts, it shows that many people are paying attention to the details, and this market is not small. Today, we'll talk about the material quality of the data cable interface protection shell, so that you can have a definite aim when you buy the data cable.

[plastic material]

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At the beginning, almost all interface protection cases were made of plastic, which is not surprising. Now, without talking about environmental protection, plastic has almost all the advantages: cheap, plastic, light and comfortable to touch... At present, PVC is widely used in interface protection cases, and PC is better. Even if Apple spared no effort to promote TPE material, the protective shell is basically PVC. In fact, there is another advantage of plastic material is that it can distinguish the advantages of other materials, that is, it does not require high temperature and is not hot. This problem is particularly obvious in metal materials. Let's conclude.

[rubber material]

Many people may think that plastic is too hard, so some manufacturers use rubber instead of plastic. Rubber really feels better than plastic. However, due to the appearance of fast charging, or some quality reasons, when charging, the interface will be hot, the rubber melting point is low, and there will be signs of softening after a long time. At present, there are not many products made of rubber, and the cost performance is not high.

[metal material]

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Now a lot of data cables use nylon braided wire. In order to draw a clear line between the interface protection part and plastic, it also prefers to use metal materials, and even install led breathing lights. The metal material is more beautiful than the plastic material; Because of the good heat transfer, it can be more convenient for heat dissipation; Even because of metal, it will give people the impression of high-grade and durable, so in recent years, there are more and more data cables for metal protective cases. However, only those who have actually used it know that if you charge it for a period of time, the metal will be hot. If the wire is shoddy and there is no designed ground wire, you will feel numb when you touch it. This situation, for people who like to charge the video game mobile phone is very deadly. Of course, when the mobile phone is full, it will use trickle charging, and the temperature of the interface protection shell will soon drop, so there is no such problem.

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In fact, the material of the charging protection case is not a big problem. Just follow your own usage habits. However, for users who use high-voltage fast charging, it is recommended to use plastic material. For example, QC quick charging and vooc quick charging are all like this. In fact, we don't have to care too much about the quality of the material. It's the key to choose a big brand product with a good reputation. Don't go to platforms like x Duoduo and some treasure to buy Sanwu products just because the data cables are almost the same. Otherwise, it's your own fault.