Dismantle a 300W game charger!

Lenovo Lenovo's new notebook Savior r9000p in 2021 has been put on sale. It is positioned as a high-end game book. It is equipped with ultra-high-definition screen, amd R7 processor, NVIDIA rtx3060 graphics card, PCI-E high-speed solid-state disk, etc., with luxurious configuration. In this configuration, the power consumption will not be low. In order to feed the notebook in the extreme running state, Lenovo has equipped it with 300W super power supply.

This 300W power adapter has a flat body, three plug-in character interface at the input end, and the power cord can be plugged and replaced, which can better adapt to various regions. In addition, it has its own output cable, and it is a square port wire head. It supports 20v15a output and the maximum power is 300W. Next, the charging head network will disassemble this high-power power supply in detail. Let's have a look at its materials and workmanship.

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1、 Appearance of Lenovo 300W power adapter

Lenovo's 300W power adapter comes with a square output cable. The body is made of flat brick, and the surface of the body shell is frosted.

On one corner of the top surface, the words of 300W are gravure printed, indicating the output power of the power supply.

There are anti-skid rubber pads at the four corners of the bottom surface, in addition, there are nameplate stickers.

Model: adl300sdc3a

Input: 100-240V ~ 50 / 60Hz 4.5a

Output: 20v15a, 300W

Manufacturer: Delta Electronics Industry Co., Ltd

The production date is October 2020

It belongs to engineering sample

The input terminal adopts a very general tri pin interface, and the adapter supports global wide range voltage input, so it can be used in most regions only by replacing the power cord. The connection between the output cable and the fuselage is 90 ° Bending design, and do the bending treatment. The output cable is tied with magic strap.

The cable is provided with a shielding magnetic ring.

Close up of Fangkou thread. The measured length of adapter body is 199.77mm by vernier caliper.

The width is 100.08mm.

The thickness is 25.19mm.

In addition, the cable length measured by tape measure is about 1.8m.

2、 Disassembly of Lenovo 300W power adapter

The fuselage shell is disassembled from the side and fastened by ultrasonic welding and screws.
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PCBA module is wrapped with large area heat dissipation aluminum plate.

Aluminum plate and PCB plate are fixed by soldering.

The inner side is also equipped with copper plate, transformer and PFC inductor for heat dissipation, and the corresponding position of input common mode inductor is pasted with tape insulation.

Both sides of PCB board and beside boost inductor are equipped with outward heat sink. Inductor, capacitor, transformer, MOS and other devices are all glued for reinforcement and heat conduction. The connecting wire at the input end is sheathed with insulating tube and glued.
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According to the disassembly of charging head network, NXP tea1995t is also adopted by Beisi 100W 2a2c Gan fast charging, maiduoduo 100W Gan charger, Shangxun 120W Gan charger, MOMEX 100W 2a2c Gan fast charging, hongdashun 120W four port 2c2a fast charging, meifuda 100W 2a2c desktop fast charging, and Anke powerport atom PD 4 100W charger, Promote the rapid popularization of BW fast charging LLC architecture.

The synchronous rectifier adopts Infineon ipd031n06l3 g, NMOS, 60V withstand voltage and 3.1m resistance Ω, Two LLC synchronous rectifiers are used here.

Output filter electrolytic capacitors are all kzh series of Japanese chemical industry, the specifications are all 25V 470 μ F. 6 in parallel, total capacity 2820 μ F. Meet the maximum 15A output filtering requirements.
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Summary of dismantling charging head net

Through the disassembly of the charging head network, we learned that this adapter is designed completely according to the industrial standard. In order to deal with the heating problem caused by high-power charging, the device layout is very sparse. At the same time, it is equipped with glue and heat sink for reinforcement and heat dissipation to ensure the stability of the power supply. Lenovo rescuer r9000p game this configuration is luxurious, but as its power supply accessories, the material standard is also very high.

The power supply is manufactured by delta. The switching power supply adopts LLC architecture. The PFC boost controller, LLC main control chip and protection IC are customized by delta. In addition, NXP tea1995t synchronous rectifier controller is adopted, MOS tube is from Infineon, and filter capacitor is made of Japanese Ruby and Japanese chemical brands, which ensures the service life of the power supply, and the overall material is very good.