Disassembly report: ubis4 data line

Lightning 3 cable has become the ideal wire in many people's minds with its excellent performance. However, with Intel's free opening of lightning 3 protocol to USB Association, this kind of cable can not avoid the fate of being replaced. The new USB4 cable has become the new generation of ideal wire with better performance and more friendly price.

For this reason, sanyconn (Dongguan Xun optoelectronics Co., Ltd.) has launched a new type of ubs4 data cable to meet the market demand. The cable has two styles: aluminum alloy thread and plastic thread, but the length is 0.8m. The cable is strong and flexible, and has a good experience. One of them has been certified by USB4 gen3, TID number: 5342. Next, the charging head network will disassemble the product in detail to see how the workmanship is.

1、 Appearance of ubis4 data line

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The body of ubs4 data line with aluminum alloy thread head is black, very strong and strong, and it is soft and tough, with skin like touch on the surface. The male end is covered with a plastic shell to prevent dust. Both sides of the aluminum alloy shell of the thread head are arc surface design, the surface is sandblasted very smooth, and the net tail is provided with convex teeth and anti bending treatment.

There is no burr on the whole body.

The cable length is about 82cm measured by tape measure

The diameter of the thread is about 5.13mm.

Using the chargerlab power-z km001c detection, it shows that the cable has e-marker chip, power transmission capacity is 20v5a, data transmission capacity is USB 4 gen3, and the maximum transmission speed can reach 40Gbps.

The other one is made of plastic shell thread. We also take this one as an example for the disassembly.

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The male end of the cable is covered with a plastic case to prevent dust.

The thread end is designed with brick shape, long and flat, and the plastic shell is made of soft gum, which makes it easy to insert and pull.

The e-marker chip adopts cypress cypress cpd2103, which belongs to ez-pd ccg2 series. It is a USB type-C controller. It conforms to the latest USB type-C and PD standards, and provides a complete USB type-C and USB power supply port control solution for passive cables, active cables and power accessories. In addition, it can also be used in many applications of uplink and downlink ports.
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Summary of dismantling charging head net

Now many new laptops claim that they are equipped with USB 4 interface, but in order to give full play to the extreme performance, it is necessary to match the corresponding USB 4 cable. The ubs4 data line launched by SINOTRONICS supports 20v5a 100W power transmission, supports up to 40Gbps data transmission capacity, and has USB 4gen3, which can meet the demand. The cable itself is strong and flexible, with a good sense of experience. In addition, the style of aluminum alloy thread head will look more delicate.

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Through the disassembly of the charging head network, we learned that the wire head is equipped with a metal shell to strengthen the protection. One end of the wire head is equipped with cypress cypd2103 e-marker chip for injection protection, and the wire core is also injected into a whole for protection. The cable body is disassembled with coaxial line design, with cross braided shielding mesh and shielding tin foil, and multiple cotton threads to improve the flexibility of the cable. There are 16 large and small cores in total. The thick core is equipped with shielding mesh and copper foil, and the three thin cores are equipped with copper foil. The overall design and workmanship of the cable are very good.