Disassembly report: Travelmall multi function global travel charger

Travelmall has launched a multi-functional global travel charger, which integrates global travel charger, USB dual port charger and wireless charger. With the help of this product, consumers can easily use their own electronic devices in all countries of the world, and say goodbye to the trouble that the plug is not universal. In order to understand how to use the materials of the product, the next thing we need to bring is the unpacking of the product.

1、 Travelmall travel wireless charger

The product is packaged in black storage bag, which is compact and easy to carry.

Pull the zipper apart and place the product body in order. Package content: travel charger, wireless charger, data line.

The data cable interface type is micro USB.

The products are composed of two parts: global travel charger and wireless charger. The logo of Travelmall and the iconic figure of wireless charging are printed on the front of the product. The wireless charger is equipped with a global travel charger with dual USB. There are three types of pins in the bottom storage.

From top to bottom, the US, Europe and English rules are the pins.

There are two USB output interfaces on the side, and the detailed specifications of the products are beside. Product Name: Multi Tool worldwide travel adapter

Model: sw11028

Input: 100-250V AC 50/60 Hz

Power range: 660w max, 110V AC; 1440W Max,240V AC;

Output: 5v2.4a (total), Fuse Rated current: 6A max.

Note for converter: Unplug the plug when not in use, and the adapter cannot convert voltage.

Pull down button, with an arrow beside it, with UK on it.

Press and hold the US button in the direction of the arrow and pull down to push out the plug of the U.S. gauge feet. The plug of two feet of European gauge can be turned over and stored, and it can be turned out manually.

Press and hold the UK button in the direction of the arrow and pull down to push out the British gauge three pin plug.

The two parts of the global travel charger and wireless charger are connected through contacts.

There is a universal jack on the front of the global travel charger and a Travelmall brand logo below.

The contacts are located at the bottom.

Detailed specifications are printed on the bottom of the wireless charger.

Name: rapid Qi wireless charging pad. Input: 5v2a, 9v1.67a

Output: 10W

Passed FCC, CE, RoHS and other certification.

The wireless charging board adopts two contacts to provide power connection, and the bottom is concave, and the shell is padded around the contact to avoid short circuit caused by placing on metal objects. A micro USB power supply interface is provided at the bottom of the wireless charger for easy use.

2、 Travelmall travel wireless charging disassembly first disassemble the wireless charger part and remove the four screws at the bottom. Remove the panel to expose the wireless charging module. The wireless charging coil and the magnetic separator are attached to the back of the rectangular PCBA board. Take out the PCBA part from the bottom shell, and you can see that the components are concentrated on the front of PCBA board.

PCBA is featured by a close-up, with a relatively compact peripheral and high integration.

The coil adopts the standard a11 coil specification.

According to the disassembly of charging head network, the products adopting the Beland scheme include Volvo Car Wireless charger, Tesla Tesla Model 3 car wireless charger, MOMAX q.pad dual dual wireless fast charging charger, MOMAX MOMAX q.mount 2 magnetic absorption wireless charging vehicle support, magic clip car support wireless charger, small magic clip intelligent fully automatic wireless fast charging mobile phone bracket Funxim is happy with Bluetooth speaker wireless charger, etc.

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3、 Summary of disassembly of charging head network

Travelmall multi-function global travel charger integrates a variety of products, and the internal structure is reasonable and easy to use.

In terms of wireless charging, belander high integrated wireless charging scheme (d9605 master control +d9009 power full bridge) is adopted, which has good compatibility, high integration, low BOM cost, and is convenient for the rapid production and listing of products.
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In terms of switching power supply, the primary PWM main control chip adopts lp3783b chip of core Mao microelectronics and lp3515 side synchronous rectifier chip of core micro lp3515, which is high efficiency and good reliability, so as to ensure the stable operation of the product.