Disassembly report: torras tulas Mini 20W PD fast charging charger

Torras turas recently launched a mini 20W PD fast charging charger to keep up with the market trend and meet the purchase needs of iPhone 12 users. This charger is very small and has 9v2.22a voltage range. It is a charging accessory specially designed for iPhone 12. Next, the charging head network will disassemble this product to see the internal design materials.

1、 Appearance of tulas Mini 20W charger

The box is square and black with torras brand, charger appearance and name printed on the top.


The manufacturer's information is printed on the side, in addition to the charger information sticker and anti-counterfeiting code.

There is only charger in the package.

Charging head net is actually a white style, but it just shows that this charger has different colors to choose from. The charger body tends to be small square, the waist is frosted, the top is bright, and the corners are smooth.


The input end of the charger is cut, with good fit. In addition, it is equipped with fixed GB pin.


The charger parameters are printed on the input housing


Model: cdra30


Input: 100-240V ~ 50 / 60Hz 0.5A

Output: 5v3a, 9v2.22a

Manufacturer: Shenzhen tulas Technology Co., Ltd

Producer: Shenzhen Xiaohei Technology Co., Ltd

The product has passed 3C certification and VI level energy efficiency certification. The usb-c port on the top of the output is designed by the side, the red rubber core does not expose copper, and the gray logo is printed in the center.

The measured height of charger body with vernier caliper is 30.84mm.

The width is 30.64mm.

The thickness is 32.16mm. Compared with apple 20W charger, the volume advantage is obvious.

The intuitive feeling of holding it in the hand.

The net weight of the charger is about 37G.


iPhone Charger Adapter

Using chargerlab power-z kt002, the usb-c port supports apple 2.4a, Samsung 5v2a, DCP and pd3.0 protocols.

In addition, the PDO message shows that the C port also has two groups of fixed voltage gears, 5v3a and 9v2.22a.

2、 Disassembly of tulas Mini 20W charger

Take out the PCBA module and measure the 3D again. The height is 26.34mm.

The width is 24.46mm. The thickness is 26.18mm. The whole PCBA module is very small.

The charger adopts three small plates combined welding design and U-shaped structure, which is the main design method of mini charger nowadays, and can maximize the use of internal space. In addition, the classic wide range output of switching power supply is adopted, and the protocol chip controls the output voltage architecture through optocoupler feedback. The following is a detailed understanding of the information of each component.

Summary of dismantling charging head net


Tulas Mini 20W PD fast charging charger has round corners and is easy to use. The input end is of sectional design with fixed pins, which makes charging more stable. The charger supports pd3.0 fast charging protocol and has two groups of fixed voltage gears, 5v3a and 9v2.22a, which can meet the daily full speed fast charging requirements of iPhone 8 or above.

 iPhone 12 charger cable

Through the disassembly of the charging head network, we know that the charger not only uses the U-shaped structure design, but also uses the PI highly integrated main control chip sc1548c, which is very helpful to realize the miniaturization of the charger. In addition, huinengtai USB pd3.0 certification protocol chip husb339b is used, emerald electrolytic capacitor is used for input filtering, solid-state capacitor is used for output filtering, the overall material is good.