Disassembly report: theone 65W 1a1c fast charging charger tp601ca

Recently, the charging head network obtained a theone brand 65W fast charging charger. The product adopts European standard pins and is equipped with 1a1c interface. It supports 12W and 65W fast charging respectively, and can charge two devices at the same time. In addition, a 100W fast charging CC line is attached for easy use. Next, we will disassemble this charger to see how its internal design materials are.

1、 The appearance of theone 65W fast charging charger

The box is in red and white color, with hook on the top, and the front is printed with theone brand, product package, name, 65W power, rechargeable equipment, etc.

Product parameters and certification information are printed on the back. The package contains charger and CC data cable, which are packed in two cartons respectively.

The data cable is tied with magic strap.

The head of data line is made of metal shell, with smooth surface and curved surface on both sides.

The cable is about 1.9 meters long. Using the chargerlab power-z km001c test, it shows that the cable has e-marker chip, the power transmission capacity is 20v5a, and the data transmission capacity is usb3.2gen2 (10Gbps).

This charger body is square and flat, four end arc transition, the body shell surface is matte and has a skin like feel, good touch feel.

The input end of the charger adopts raised European standard pin. The output end is equipped with 1a1c interface, which adopts white and black rubber core respectively.

The charger parameters are marked on the side shell

Model: tp601ca

Input: 110-240V ~ 50 / 60Hz 1.3A

Usb-c1 output: 5v3a, 9v3a, 12v3a, 15v3a, 20v3.25a (65W max)

USB-A:5V2.4A(12W Max)

Total output: 65W

The products have passed CE certification, ROHS certification and VI level energy efficiency certification.

Using vernier caliper, the total length of the fuselage with pin end is about 89.44mm.

The width is 71.46mm.

The thickness is 30.97mm. 2、 Theone 65W fast charging charger is disassembled, and the body shell is disassembled, and the edge is packaged by ultrasonic welding. PCB board is fixed with screws.

The input wire and components are glued and reinforced.

At the front of PCB board, there are heat sink and isolation board on both sides of transformer, and there is a large gap, which can effectively avoid heat accumulation. At the back of PCB board, the primary stage boundary is obvious. The main control chip of charger adopts Biyi micro kp2201sga, which is a high-performance current mode PWM controller for offline flyback converter. The chip integrates the functions of high voltage start, input power failure detection and X capacitor discharge, which can meet the requirements of fast start and ultra-low standby (typical value)< 30mW@230Vac )。 The chip adopts green energy-saving mode, burping mode, mid load valley bottom conduction mode to optimize the system efficiency, which can easily meet the six level energy efficiency requirements.


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Kp2201sg has built-in high-precision 65khz switching frequency oscillator, which integrates slope compensation, soft start, frequency jitter technology, loop gain adjustment and other functions. The stability, reliability and electromagnetic compatibility of the system have been greatly improved. In addition, the working voltage range of VDD is 8v-70v, and the limit withstand voltage of VDD is 80V, which is very suitable for the adapter with wide voltage output such as PD fast charging.

Kp2201sg integrates complete protection functions, including: VDD under voltage protection (UVLO), VDD over voltage protection (VDD OVP), input under voltage protection (brownout), X capacitor discharge protection, output over voltage protection (OVP), output under voltage protection (UVP), cycle by cycle current limitation (OCP), overload protection (OLP), short circuit protection (SCP), built-in overheat protection, external overheat protection Abnormal over current protection (aocp), leading edge blanking (LEB), CS pin open circuit protection, VDD clamp protection, etc. The USB PD protocol chip adopts Weiquan wt6636f, which is a protocol chip certified by usb-if Association USB pd3.0 (PPS) (TID number: 1080018), in addition, it has passed the qc4 + certification of Qualcomm, with the certification number of qc20200316138.

Wt6636f supports USB pd3.0 and PPS, built-in programmable constant voltage and constant current control, integrated low side current sampling amplifier, line loss compensation, multiple protection functions, including data pin overvoltage protection, internal integration of 10bit ADC for voltage and current detection, built-in 8051 core microcontroller, built-in discharge MOS tube.

Summary of dismantling charging head net

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Theone 65W fast charging charger body is square and flat, the shell surface is matte, and the input end is equipped with European standard long pins. The output usb-c port supports pd3.0 and PPS fast charging, and the maximum output power is 65W, which can meet the fast charging requirements of pen, tablet, mobile phone and other devices with good compatibility. In addition, usb-a port supports 5v2.4a output, which can be used to charge iPhone or small devices.

Through the disassembly of the charging head network, it is found that different from the traditional charger, which uses the positioning board to fix the PCB, this charger directly uses screws to fix the circuit board, which is simple and crude. In addition, the primary switch tube and synchronous rectifier tube are equipped with special heat sink, and there is a gap around the transformer to avoid heat accumulation.

The switching power supply of the charger is composed of kp2201sga and MPs mp6907 with Longteng and Huayi MOS respectively, which output a wide range of voltage. The usb-c port uses Weiquan wt6636f to identify the protocol and control the output voltage, and the usb-a port uses Dexin eup3270 for secondary step-down and 5V constant voltage output. After synchronous rectification and filtering, the two interfaces are equipped with capacitors for secondary filtering, and the packaging output is pure.