Disassembly report: Samsung gear smart watch magnetic wireless charging base (ep-yo760)

We got a magnetic wireless charging base for Samsung gear smart watch, model ep-yo760, which is suitable for Samsung gear S2 / S3 and other models. The watch can be put on wireless charging, get rid of the shackles of the cable, easy to use.


We have disassembled several Samsung wireless chargers before, including: Samsung ep-pa510 wireless charger, Samsung wireless charging base, Samsung wireless acceleration charging board (ep-p1100); The vertical wireless charger includes: Samsung note5 wireless charger, S7 vertical wireless charger, Samsung fourth generation folding wireless fast charging charger, Samsung fifth generation vertical wireless charger and Samsung vertical wireless acceleration charging base; Dual device wireless charging includes Samsung dual wireless charging base and Samsung dual wireless charging base; Wireless power bank includes: Samsung wireless charging mobile power supply.


In order to understand the internal structure and materials of Samsung's watch wireless charger, the next step is to unpack the product.

1 Samsung gear smart watch magnetic wireless charging base

The product adopts pure black appearance and round design, which is tailored for Samsung watch. Just put the watch on the base for wireless charging.

There is an LED indicator on the front of the base to indicate the working status.

The product adopts integrated design, which is composed of panel and round base.

Samsung Samsung logo is printed on the back.

Behind the base is the micro USB power input port.

The bottom is the product specification parameter.

Name: Samsung wireless charging base

Model: ep-yo760

Input voltage: 5v0.7a

Manufacturer: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

Product size is small, saving space.

2 Disassembly of magnetic wireless charging base for Samsung gear smart Watch

First of all, tear off a circle of rubber ring at the bottom and fix it with two screws.

The coil is welded to the small plate, and then the contact of the large plate contacts the small plate. This design is very convenient for assembly and saves labor.

The circuit board is a semicircle structure, and the protruding part in the middle is welded with an indicator light.

Take the circuit board out of the shell, and the indicator light is under the black shading rubber cover.

The front of the circuit board is a shielding cover and a circuit of wireless charging power stage, and the counterweight iron on the right side is corresponding with a hollow to reduce the thickness.

The close-up of counterweight iron fully fits the design of circuit board.

On this side of the circuit board are wireless charging components.

On the back is the indicator light, wireless charging contact and shield cover, PCB edge through-hole edge sealing.

Close up of micro USB motherboard, via welding.

Wireless charging power stage circuit, input TVs and protection chip, R020 sampling resistor is the unique current sampling resistor of iidt scheme.

Inside the shield is IDT idtp9235, which integrates wireless charging master control circuit and MOS drive circuit, with extremely simplified peripheral components.

3 Summary of dismantling charging head net


This Samsung gear smart watch wireless charging base is completely designed for watches, which can be said to be exclusive. We found that Samsung's wireless charging base is very good in design and material, and its workmanship is very exquisite. Idtp9235, a highly integrated wireless master control chip, was also used in Samsung mobile phone wireless charger to provide core performance guarantee for watch wireless charging.