Disassembly report: Samsung Galaxy S10 original 15W charger ep-ta200

It has been reported that Samsung Galaxy S9 original charging shield is compatible with Qualcomm qc2.0 fast charging protocol, and only supports Samsung's own AFC fast charging protocol. Recently, the charging head network got the original charger of Samsung Galaxy S10 mobile phone. After the experience, Xiaobian found that the charger still uses the classic model ep-ta200, with little change in appearance and performance compared with the previous generation (incompatible with qc2.0 fast charging); The biggest difference is that although this charger is a national standard pin, it is produced in Vietnam and belongs to imported products.

So far, the charging head network has disassembled Samsung Note7 standard charger, Samsung note8 original charger, Samsung 25W AFC fast charging charger and other products for you. Compared with previous chargers, what changes have taken place in the materials and workmanship of Samsung Galaxy S10 original charger? The following charging head network is revealed for you through this article.

1、 Samsung Galaxy S10 original charger appearance

Pure black shell and Samsung charger classic two-stage body, but the surface of the shell is not the common bright surface treatment, scratch resistance is better. The logo on the front is integrated with injection molding through mold design.

On the back of the charger is detailed product parameter information, Samsung travel charger, model: ep-ta200, input: 100-240V ~ 50-60Hz, 0.5A; Output: 9V / 1.67a or 5V / 2a, manufacturer: solum Vina Company Limited. Production date: January 26, 2019, Samsung Electronics, made in Vietnam; It has passed CCC certification.

The charger is equipped with national standard pin, which can't be folded.

The top is usb-a output interface with black rubber core.

The overall appearance of the charger is wedge-shaped, and the thickness is equivalent to the diameter of a 1 yuan coin.

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Compared with apple 18W charger, Samsung S10 charger looks more slender.

The weight of the whole machine is about 42g.

In terms of performance, the chargerlab power-z kt001 test shows that it supports USB DCP protocol and AFC (up to 9V) fast charging, and qc2.0 is not detected.

Charging Samsung S10, the display charging voltage is 9.02v, current is 1.62a, charging power is about 14.67w, support AFC fast charging.

Charging the Huawei P30 pro, the voltage is 5.19v, the current is 1.88a, the charging power is about 9.8w, and it does not enter the fast charging mode.

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Charging Xiaomi 9, the voltage is 5.17v, the current is 1.67a, the charging power is about 8.65w, it does not enter the fast charging mode.

Charging the iPhone XS max, the voltage is 5.05v, the current is 0.98a, and the charging power is about 4.96w. It does not support fast charging.

2、 Disassembly of Samsung Galaxy S10 original charger

After taking out the internal PCBA module, it can be seen that the usb-a interface of the output end is designed with dust jacket, and there is a Y capacitor and an output filter solid-state capacitor on the left and right sides respectively.
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The tail end of AC pin inside the shell is equipped with metal shrapnel, which can keep good contact with PCB board when PCB board is inserted.

The input end is equipped with a fuse, two input filter electrolytic capacitors are arranged horizontally, and the two capacitors are fixed with glue; The black-and-white transformer in the middle is a flat-panel transformer.
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The temperature resistance of the two capacitors is 105 ℃, parallel design, horizontal design saves space.

Y capacitor beside the output interface, output anti-interference, both sides of the line, reduce the height.

At the back of PCB board, there is insulating baffle between primary and secondary.

Summary of dismantling charging head net

Samsung S10 plus original charger is consistent with S9 in terms of performance. It has canceled the compatibility with qc2.0 and only supports its own AFC fast charging. The test results also show that this charger can not fast charge Xiaomi 9, Huawei P30 pro, iPhone XS Max and other models, but only in 5V charging mode.

After dismantling the charging head network, it is found that the Samsung S10 plus original charger has a built-in flat transformer. The primary charger uses dialog iw1791 main control chip, and the secondary charger uses dialog iw661. The chip is highly integrated and simplifies the PCB design. The workmanship and materials all follow the style of Samsung chargers, with reliable performance.