Disassembly report: redmibook Pro 15 notebook standard 100W PD fast charging charger

At the Hongmi K40 double flagship conference a few days ago, in addition to mobile phones, redmibook Pro lightweight version and TV and other new products were launched simultaneously. Redmibook Pro 15 is equipped with Intel 11 generation core H35 series standard voltage processor, with 70wh battery built in, and supports 100W fast charging. The price starts from 4999 yuan, which makes many people call "too fragrant".

Moreover, redmibook Pro 15 is equipped with 100W charging package as standard. The charger is very small, and the length of CC line is about 1.5m. Compared with the traditional pencil board brick adapter, it is more convenient to take it out, and at the same time, it can quickly revive the notebook. The charging head network of the charging set has been obtained. Let's disassemble it in detail. Let's have a look at the design materials.

1 Xiaomi 100W charger appearance

Xiaomi 100W charging set at a glance.

The plastic shell of thread head is designed with bright surface, and both ends are treated with bending resistance.

The length of the whole cable is about 153cm.

The detection by using chargerlab power-z km001c shows that the cable has e-marker chip, and its power transmission capacity is 20v5a 100W, and its data transmission capacity is USB2.0.

The charger is made of PC flame retardant material with white shell, frosted front and back, and bright side. The whole charger is very simple.

The fuselage is square and flat, with the same edge design as before, and the input end adopts fixed GB pins.


The pin adopts a separate plastic module, and the charger parameters are marked on the input shell


Model: ad100

Input: 100-240V ~ 50 / 60Hz 1.6A

Output: 5v3a, 9v3a, 12v3a, 15v3a, 20v5a

Manufacturer: Nanjing KUKE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Supervised by: Jiangsu ZIMI Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

The charger has passed CCC certification.

The other side is equipped with a usb-c interface, and the white rubber core does not expose copper.

The measured height of charger body with vernier caliper is 72.14mm.

The width is 72.2mm.

The thickness is 28.07mm.

The thickness of the fuselage is a little bigger than the diameter of a dollar coin.

Compared with apple 96w charger, it has larger power and smaller volume.

The intuitive feeling of holding it in the hand.

The output protocol of usb-c port is detected by using chargerlab power-z kt002. The display supports apple 2.4a, Samsung 5v2a and DCP protocols, as well as qc2.0 / 3.0, AFC and pd3.0 fast charging protocols.


In addition, the PDO message shows that the C port also has five groups of fixed voltage gears: 5v3a, 9v3a, 12v3a, 15v3a and 20v5a.


The measured charging power is 9.06v 1.92a 17.37w, and the charger does not support PPS protocol output.

It is used to charge the apple MacBook Pro 16. The measured charging power is 20V 4.59a 92W, and it is charged at full power.

2 Disassembly of Xiaomi 100W charger


The fuselage shell is disassembled and the edge is sealed by ultrasonic welding.

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The heat dissipation aluminum plate and PCB plate are fixed by soldering.

The whole PCBA module is covered with heat sink except the input.

The USB PD protocol chip adopts Weiquan wt6636f, which is a protocol chip certified by usb-if Association USB pd3.0 (PPS) (TID number: 1080018), in addition, it has passed the qc4 + certification of Qualcomm, with the certification number of qc20200316138.


Wt6636f supports USB pd3.0 and PPS, built-in programmable constant voltage and constant current control, integrated low side current sampling amplifier, line loss compensation, multiple protection functions, including data line overvoltage protection, internal integration of 10bit ADC for voltage and current detection, built-in 8051 core microcontroller, built-in discharge MOS tube.

Information of Weiquan wt6636f.

According to the charging head network, the products using wt6636f include Meizu 65W 2c1a Gan charger, lvlian 65W Gan USB PD fast charger, Xiaomi 65W USB PD fast charger, ravpower 30W Gan charger, Zimi 65W USB PD Mini charger, ThinkPlus USB PD charger and zMi Zimi 65W 2c1a desktop PD fast charger. At the same time, there are dozens of fast charging products using Weiquan chips.


Summary of dismantling charging head net


The standard 100W charging package of redmibook Pro 15 laptop, in which the charger is square and flat, and the design is very simple. The product is positioned as a high-power adapter for the pen. It adopts a single C-Port configuration, mainly focuses on QC and pd3.0 fast charging, and has five standard voltage ranges of 5v3a, 9v3a, 12v3a, 15v3a and 20v5a. Therefore, charging notebook will have a good effect, and don't expect too much for mobile phones and other devices.

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Through the disassembly of the charging head network, it is found that in order to deal with the heating problem caused by high-power charging, the volume of the charger has not reached the limit, and the layout of the components is relatively sparse to avoid heat accumulation. Secondly, as a 100 watt charger, PFC boost circuit is designed, and NXP tea19162 boost controller and Infineon boost switch are used.

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The switching power supply is composed of NXP tea19361t with Infineon primary switch MOS transistor, and MPs mp6908 with Wandai synchronous rectifier. Weiquan wt6636f is used to identify the protocol and control the output voltage. Thanks to the use of NXP's fast charging scheme, only one Aihua capacitor is used for high-voltage filtering at the primary side, which can effectively reduce the charger volume. Overall, the charger is very good in both materials and workmanship.