Disassembly report: qwtech 18W qc4 + charger

The wide application of type-C interface and USB PD fast charging protocol in Apple's latest series and Android flagship models accelerates the transformation of 18W charging head from usb-a to type-C, and many chargers are equipped with the latest qc4 + and pd3.0 fast charging protocols on the basis of the original fast charging protocol.

Today, the qwtech p0181-cv that Xiaobian got from Dongguan quwan creative e-commerce Co., Ltd. is such a charger. The following is the evaluation and disassembly of this charger.

1、 Qwtech charger appearance

The outer package is a small white carton. The outline of the product appearance and qwtech logo make it clean and concise.

On the back of the package are the details as usual, with a total power of 18W, which is the most common equipment for small handheld devices such as mobile phones and tablets. The model is p0181-cv, output support 5V / 3a, 9V / 2a, 12V / 1.5A three fixed voltage and 3.3-5v/3a, 3.3-11v/2a two adjustable voltage, produced by Dongguan fun creative e-commerce Co., Ltd.

Inside is a paper lining, hollowed out and half high design, good fixed charger and buffer protection function, material is also environmental protection, do well.

Apart from a warranty note, there are no other accessories attached.

Waist round appearance, the main body surface is bright and smooth, good appearance, but easy to leave fingerprints and scratches, AC plug is fixed and can not be folded.
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The output is a single usb-c port, which is the most typical mode of 18W low-power charging head from usb-a to usb-c.

The information of the plug surface is consistent with the outer package. This charger is an OEM product, and the actual manufacturer is Dongguan Deqing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

The power-z USB tester is used to test the charging protocol. The display supports PD, apple 2.4a, qc2.0 and qc3.0. Although it is not full protocol support, it includes the most mainstream PD, QC and apple protocols.

The PDO message is consistent with the nominal protocol. The protocol is USB PD 3.0 (PPS), which supports qc4 + fast charging.

Simply test the charger's maximum output power, choose 12V gear with load output, the maximum can reach 19W, higher than the nominal, power is not virtual standard.

At present, 18W USB PD chargers on the market are exploding. It is inevitable that the good and bad products in the market are intermingled. Only disassembly can really distinguish the good from the bad. Now let's go into product disassembly to share the internal structure and materials of the product.

2、 Qwtech charger disassembly

Disassembly starts from the AC plug surface, pries open the plug end cover, vaguely shows the internal PCBA module.

The PCBA module is fixed in the shell in the way of slot rail, and can be pulled out with a little external force.
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PCBA module components are listed, the overall layout is neat, high-voltage filter and high-frequency transformer and other large components are fixed with silica gel, which can prevent device falling off or false soldering caused by accidental vibration in daily use. Next to the usb-c interface is the 16V 680 from beryl μ F solid state capacitor for output filter.

The primary filter consists of two 400v15 μ F. The CLC consists of a 105 ℃ high temperature capacitor and a differential mode inductor π The brand of capacitor is beryl emerald. The blue one on the right is 471ky capacitor.

On the secondary side, there is a small PCB board, which is called protocol sub board, with usb-c output interface, protocol chip, output MOS and some resistance and capacitance components.
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Summary of dismantling charging head net

Qwtech 18W qc4 + charger is compact and portable, and the process is meticulous. Through disassembly, we know that the mature inn2215k + Sr + wt6615f scheme is adopted, which is simple, efficient and good compatibility. The device layout is neat, the welding and plate washing process is in place, and the capacitor / IC material selection is exquisite. To sum up, this is a good quality 18W qc4 + / pd3.0 portable charger.