Disassembly report: oppo reno4 original 65W flash charger

Shortly after the release of oppo ACE2, oppo has updated its Reno series mobile phone product line and launched the new oppo reno4 series. In addition, oppo also put 65W super flash charge into Reno series, which makes the charging performance of reno4 new machine reach a very high level.

Previously, oppo reno4 has been evaluated by the charging head network. As the original charger of this mobile phone, we naturally will not let it go. Oppo 65W supervooc flash charger supports 5v2a or 10v6.5a output. The body is smooth and round, and it feels good to use. Let's take a look at the internal design and workmanship of this charger.

Previously, the charging head network also disassembled oppo 50W biscuit Gan fast charging, oppo original 65W Gan fast charging charger, oppo 50W super vooc super flash charging charger, oppo 20W flash charging power adapter, oppo flash charging power adapter ak779gb (Guangbao OEM new version), super vooc super flash charging vehicle charger and other products, Interested friends can click the blue font to understand.

1、 Oppo 65W flash charger appearance

This charger uses PC flame retardant material white shell, the surface of the piano baking process, corner arc surface transition, the overall white smooth, not to use.

Supervooc is printed on the fuselage.

The input end adopts fixed GB pin, and the shell is also marked with product parameter information

Model: vca7jach


Input: 100 ~ 240V 50 / 60Hz 1.8A

Output: 5V 2A or 10V 6.5A (max)

Manufacturer: Huizhou Jinhu Industrial Development Co., Ltd

The charger has passed CCC certification.

According to the charging head network, the products produced by Jinhu Industrial Co., Ltd. include one plus 8 Pro warp flash charging 30W wireless charging package, oppo 20W flash charging charger, oppo 50W super vooc super flash charging charger, vivo 33W flash charging 2.0 fast charging charger, etc.

There is a usb-a interface in the center of the output top surface and an orange glue core. The measured charger length is 55.2mm with vernier caliper. The width is 55.27mm. The thickness is 31.37mm. The net weight of the charger is about 94g. In addition, there is a white data line in the package, which is bound by a transparent bundle.

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2、 Disassembly of oppo 65W flash charger

The input end shell is disassembled, the pin and PCB board are connected and powered through AC wire, and both ends of the wire are glued to reinforce the insulation. The components such as transformer, capacitor and inductor on the front of PCB board are glued and reinforced, and there is a white isolation board between the primary stages. The back of the board is provided with a metal radiator and a white isolation board. After removing the isolation board, the main control chip of the power supply spans between the primary stages, and the main heating chip is glued to help heat conduction.

After observing and analyzing the charger circuit, it is found that this 65W original fast charging charger adopts a typical architecture of switching power supply with wide range output, and the output voltage is controlled by the protocol chip. The distribution of components is relatively sparse, so it is not easy to accumulate heat. Let's start from the input to understand the information of each component one by one.

Summary of dismantling charging head net

Oppo reno4 this 65W original quick charging charger is replaced by Huizhou Jinhu Industrial Development Co., Ltd. with smooth surface, round corners and good sense of use. The charger is equipped with 5v/2a and 10v/6.5a gears, which supports maximum 65W output, and is downward compatible with supervooc and vooc protocols, which is applicable to all the fast charging mobile phones in the oppo family.

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The charging head network is understood through disassembly that the charger adopts a typical architecture of switching power output in a wide range and controlled by protocol chip. AC-DC part of charger is composed of PI power main control chip sc1738c and generation MOS. The output voltage is controlled by the micro customized vooc flash charging chip of Ruixin. In addition, there is isolation design between the initial stages and the insulation baffle is added; Injection treatment of transformer and capacitor inductor and other components is used for fixing components and auxiliary heat conduction. The whole product from materials to workmanship, all revealed the high quality requirements of oppo.