Disassembly report: Mingpu optomagnetic 20W PD fast charging charger

Dongguan Mingpu optical magnetic Co., Ltd., established in June 2008 and successfully listed in September 2017, is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service. Its main products include magnetic components, optical communication components, new energy power supply system, consumer power supply, plastic molding and metal stamping products.

In the face of the 20W PD fast charging market brought by the release of the iPhone 12 series, mingpuguang magnetic needle launched a new 20W PD fast charging charger. In addition to supporting Apple's 20W PD fast charging, the charger is also compatible with QC, AFC, FCP and other mainstream fast charging protocols, which can meet the fast charging needs of various brands of mobile phones, including the new iPhone 12. The following charging head network on the detailed disassembly of this charger, to see how its design and workmanship.

1、 Appearance of Mingpu optical magnetic 20W fast charging charger

The charger is available in black, white and pink colors. The body is small and flat, and the overall design style is simple.

The charger is made of PC (grade V0 Fireproof) material, the input and output shell is frosted, and the center of the output top surface is equipped with a usb-c Jack and black rubber core.

The transition between the sides of the waist is smooth, and the upper end of the shell is a bright surface design, and the lower end is frosted, creating a different feel.

The front of the fuselage is gravure printed with the word "20W" near the input end.

The input end is equipped with fixed GB pins, and the fuselage is square and flat when viewed from the side.

The input shell is marked with charger parameter information

Model: mccs-12016720p0

Input: 100-240V ~ 50 / 60Hz 0.5A

Output: 5v3a, 9v2.22a, 12v1.67a

Manufacturer: Dongguan Mingpu optical magnetic Co., Ltd

The product has passed 3C certification and VI level energy efficiency certification. It is understood that the 20W PD fast charging charger is designed according to the safety regulations of 5000 meters above sea level.

The measured length of charger body is 46.4mm by vernier caliper.

iPhone 12 charger

The width is 37.6 mm.

The thickness is 21.9mm. Compared with the size of Apple 20W charger, this charger is smaller.

The thickness of the fuselage is also a little smaller than the diameter of a dollar coin.

The intuitive feeling of holding it in the hand.

2、 Disassembly of Mingpu magneto 20W fast charging charger

The outer shell of the output end is disassembled and the edge is sealed by ultrasonic welding.

The PCB board is taken out, the pins in the fuselage shell are crimped with the metal shrapnel, and the power is connected through the contact between the shrapnel and the PCB board.
Apple Charger Cable
Front view of PCB board, isolation board between primary stage, transformer and capacitor glued and fixed.

At the back of PCB board, the boundary between the primary stage is obvious, and there is a hollow groove between the type-C mother base and the primary stage, and the isolation board is placed. There are only rectifier bridge and primary chip on the back of the board, which has high integration and compact periphery.

Through the observation and analysis of the charger circuit, it is found that Mingpu magneto 20W USB PD fast charging charger adopts the typical architecture of switching power supply wide range output, and the protocol chip controls the output voltage through the optocoupler. Now we start from the input to understand the components one by one.

Summary of dismantling charging head net

Mingpu optical magnetic 20W USB PD fast charging charger adopts square shape design, which is small and flat as a whole. The fuselage shell surface is a combination of bright surface and frosting design, which can obtain different use experience. The input is equipped with fixed pins. Usb-c port supports qc2.0/3.0, AFC, FCP, pd3.0 and PPS multiple fast charging protocols, with 9v2.22a and 12v1.67a voltage range. Even if several iPhone models are no longer equipped with standard chargers, this product can also meet their fast charging needs, in addition, it can also meet the charging needs of other brands of Android phones, with wide applicability.
Apple Charger Cable
Through the disassembly of the charging head network, it is found that the switching power supply of this charger adopts the silicon power sp6649df + sp6516f scheme, which has high integration, can effectively simplify the circuit and reduce the cost. The main control chip is built with super silicon, which has the characteristics of high conversion efficiency and low heating; The input and output are all filtered by Aihua capacitor, and the usb-if certification chip husb350 is used to control the voltage output to ensure the compatibility. Overall, the whole plan is awesome.

It is worth noting that this 20W PD fast charging scheme does not follow the trend to pursue the ultimate small size, but from the chip materials to PCB structure layout, it fully considers the heat dissipation of the product, so even if the full load output for a long time, the charger's shell temperature will not be too high, bringing users a different experience.