Disassembly report: Mi Xiaomi 18W qc3.0 fast charger mdy10ed

Recently, we got two 18W single qc3.0 fast charging chargers mdy-08-es and mdy-10-ed from Xiaomi. Although both chargers are manufactured by Jiangsu Chenyang Electronics Co., Ltd., the former is mainly for the domestic market, while the latter is for the overseas market. We have disassembled the mdy-08-es before. Today, I'd like to share with you the disassembly of the mdy-10-ed to see how the materials and workmanship of the two 18W single usb-a port chargers are different.

The charging head network has successively disassembled the original 27W charger of Xiaomi 9, the original 30W charger of Xiaomi cc9 pro, the original 45W charger of Xiaomi 9 pro and the original 65W charger of Xiaomi 10 pro. Now we will share with you the disassembly of the original 18W fast charging charger of Xiaomi mobile phone (Chenyang) to see how its materials are made.

1、 Xiaomi usb-a port 18W charger appearance

Xiaomi charger adopts PC flame retardant material white body shell, the surface of the body is treated with bright surface paint baking process, the curved surface transition between the sides of the body, the whole is white and smooth, and it doesn't hurt your hand when using.

The input is equipped with a fixed American Standard pin.

The input shell is printed with millet logo, and the product parameter information is marked on the fuselage shell in traditional Chinese and English

Model: mdy-10-ed

Input: 100-240V ~ 50 / 60Hz 0.5A

Output: 5V / 3a, 9V / 2a, 12V / 1.5A

Jiangsu Chenyang Electronic Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has passed UL certification, Qualcomm qc3.0 certification, Mexico NOM certification, Brazil Nyce certification and VI level energy efficiency certification.

The top center of the charger is equipped with usb-a interface and white rubber core. Compared with Apple's 18W charger, the two chargers have the same cross-section size, while Xiaomi's charger is a little longer.

The net weight of the charger is about 55g. The output protocol of usb-a port is detected by using chargerlab power-z kt001. The display supports usb-dcp protocol and qc2.0 and qc3.0 fast charging protocols.

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2、 Disassembly of Xiaomi usb-a port 18W charger

Ultrasonic welding is used between the output end shell and the main body shell to remove it. There is a white plastic plate under the usb-a interface motherboard, and the motherboard is also wrapped with a plastic shell to prevent foreign matters from entering the charger.

Take out the charger, there are fixed grooves on both sides of the body shell, which are used to fix the PCB board, and metal contact power is used between the input pin and the PCB board.

At the front of PCB board, there is insulation board between transformer and interface bus base for isolation, and transformer and surrounding components are glued and reinforced.

At the list of input terminals, it is equipped with delay fuse, NTC surge suppression resistance, PWM main control chip power supply capacitance and common mode inductance.

The specification of delay fuse is 2A 250V. The specification of delay fuse is 2A 250V. The common mode inductor is wound in two wires, and is coated with a heat shrinkable tube, which is used to Filter EMI interference.

The common mode inductor is supported by black plastic and fixed with glue.

PWM main control chip power supply capacitance close-up, specification is 50V 4.7 μ F. From Aishi Aihua.

The charging head network has learned that the products with weizhaomos include 6 USB chargers of Xiaomi, 60W fast charging version, 65W USB PD Mini charger of Zimi, original 30W fast charging charger for millet mobile phone, vivo 33W flashcharge 2.0 fast charging charger, etc. At the same time, verymmos can also be used in USB PD fast charging mobile power supply, wireless charger and other products, and has been adopted by dozens of products of many brands.

Detail of ip2161. The charging head network understands that the fast charging chip of the core has been adopted by Nokia 7 original charger, DVE Diwen multi in one quick charging charger and other products. Meanwhile, other series of fast charging chips of the IC have also been highly recognized by the market.

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Summary of dismantling charging head net

Xiaomi, this 18W fast charging charger mdy-10-ed body is simple in design, and the surface is treated with bright surface baking paint, and the whole body is white and smooth. Usb-a interface supports qc2.0 and qc3.0 fast charging protocol, and 18W fast charging power can meet the daily charging requirements. The products have passed UL certification, Mexico NOM certification and Brazilian Nyce certification, mainly for overseas user groups.

It is known that the charger has built-in PI high integrated sc1548c chip and the power megabyte synchronous rectifier MOS tube. The high pass qc3.0 certification chip ip2161 with the British core is selected as the protocol recognition to ensure the output compatibility. The transformer and its surrounding components are glued and fixed; The primary and secondary are isolated by insulating plates; The output is filtered by solid-state capacitance, and the ripple is small; The mother seat is wrapped in plastic shell to enhance the protection.